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Summary: Having breast implants can help boost a woman’s level of confidence, but is there such thing as too much? Breast revision is a seldom talked about, but very important option for women who have breast implants but may want to make a change after the fact.

BreastRevisionThere might not be a return policy on your breast implants, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them forever. Breast implant revision is a common option for women who experience dissatisfaction with their original implants. Take former reality TV star Heidi Montag for example. Three years after surgically increasing her breast size to an F-cup, Montag decided to downsize her implants to a more manageable C-cup. Montag reported that her F-cup implants, weighing in at around three pounds each, “felt like bowling balls on [her] chest.” She explains that she “couldn’t conceptualize the weight of them in [her] body” prior to her surgery.

Size Isn’t All That Matters

Size isn’t the only reason to get breast implant revision. Some common reasons for breast implant revision include: change in size or type of implants, implant deflation and implant asymmetry or malposition. One 26-year-old woman visited Dr. Remus Repta, a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale Arizona, for a revision breast augmentation to improve the symmetry and shape of her breasts. She had previously undergone breast augmentation with saline implants by a different surgeon and ended up exchanging the saline for more cohesive silicone (a.k.a. “gummy bear”) implants. Her results reveal improved shape and contour of the breasts, improved cleavage symmetry, and well-hidden incision lines.

As seen in this case, breast implant revision encompasses a variety of procedures aimed at correcting and improving the shape, contour and feel of prior breast surgery results. These procedures include implant exchange, capsulectomy (removal of scar tissue), breast implant pocket correction (capsulotomy and capsulorrhaphy), as well as revision of prior breast lift and breast reduction.

Avoiding Implant Regret

While breast revision is a good backup plan for correcting complications or simply changing the appearance of a previous breast augmentation, there are several steps women considering implants can take to avoid the need for future revision:

  • Research your surgeon and choose a qualified breast enhancement specialist.
  • Have realistic expectations and discuss them with your surgeon.
  • Carefully consider your implant options: size, shape, silicone or saline, etc.
  • Think ahead and ask questions such as “will my implant choice now suit my lifestyle down the road?”

Choosing a plastic surgeon that is highly skilled and experienced in breast enhancement procedures is the first step towards a successful surgery, and will significantly reduce the need for future revision. However, even under the best possible circumstances, some women will require a breast revision at some point during their lives.

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