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Summary: Botched implants don’t have to ruin your life. A second chance at success is always an option, thanks to Minneapolis breast implant revision surgery.


Speak Up

We tend to preach that breast augmentation and plastic surgery almost always come with life-changing, perfect results. Statistically speaking though, there are a few cases that don’t always end up as planned. If you or someone you know has gotten breast implants and NOT been happy with their results, it’s important to speak up! Minneapolis breast implant revision (and the amazing plastic surgeons that perform the procedure) help you to look and feel your best, not just the first time, but every time.

No Matter Your Reason

There are many reasons why augmentation surgery can have unsatisfactory results, but one major way to resolve the issues: revision. Revision surgery is offered to perfect the issues that didn’t get addressed the first time of your surgery. Whether you got a botched surgery overseas, or you just think your implants look a little lop sided, there is always hope for you, and anyone else who isn’t satisfied with their primary breast augmentation.

Rolling with the Punches

The folks at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LLD understand revision surgery and its importance for those who seek it out. They like to say that their “final goal is always the same — to restore the positive self-image of our patients.” Most times we are lucky and this is achieved the first time, and other times we find ourselves needing a revision. Sounds kind of like life, doesn’t it?

You Can Be Changed

The message to take away from this is that just because you got a bad first surgery doesn’t mean that you have to live with the unsatisfactory results forever. Revision surgery is always available to correct any issues you may have. Some exciting aspects of revision surgery include:

  • A similar recovery time as your first surgery. Revision is no harder to recover from.
  • Less scarring. Unsightly or misplaced scars may be revised or removed entirely, adding to the excitement of your next go-around.
  • A safe and healthy final look. The internal scar tissue surrounding the old implants is oftentimes removed along with the breast implants.

If you or someone you know dislikes their breast implants, don’t write off breast augmentation for good. With the help of a skilled plastic surgeon, you can experience all the thrills and excitement that are supposed to be associated with breast surgery in the first place!

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