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Summary: Sometimes, plastic surgery doesn’t go exactly right on the first round. In those relatively rare cases, plastic surgeons offer revision procedures so that you can be sure to get the results you want.

What Are Revision Procedures?

Lately, there have been several celebrities who have been making the rounds talking about their second or third plastic surgery procedure. Add to that the ever-constant flow of celebrity plastic surgery rumors: this celebrity got another breast augmentation or that celebrity got another tummy tuck. One can begin to wonder why anyone would ever get more than one plastic surgery procedure. After all, shouldn’t one plastic surgery procedure be enough? Plastic surgery should be permanent, shouldn’t it? For better or worse, that’s not exactly how it works. In fact, that’s not how plastic surgery is even designed to work.

To a certain degree, there are always going to be some adjustments that have to be made after procedure. Most of these adjustments take place non surgically, but it’s important to emphasize that patients have a lot of options here. One of those options is, of course, another surgical procedure. These procedures are usually referred to as “revision” procedures. Patients have the option to get a breast revision, rhinoplasty revision, even a butt lift revision procedure. And these options are only the tip of the iceberg. The point is that patients should be happy with the results of their procedures, and there are many ways to change those results if you are not happy.

Revision Procedures for Medical Reasons

In some cases, it will be necessary to get a revision procedure due to medical reasons. This is, perhaps, most common when one is discussing something like breast augmentation. In some cases (and you hear about these most often with inexperienced or less qualified surgeons), the implant itself is defective. When the implant is defective it, of course, needs to be replaced, and that is accomplished with revision breast augmentation procedures. In most cases, the patients are thrilled with the new results. If you think your implant is defective, you should contact a highly qualified plastic surgeon right away to see about replacing your implant.

It’s not only defective implants that cause problems. Though it is exceptionally rare, there are some instances of implants rupturing or otherwise failing on their own. Silicone implants are the most resistant to rupture (and even if they do rupture, they are most often able to remain in place). Saline implants will be much more noticeable if they rupture. In either case, if you notice a rupture, you will likely need a revision breast augmentation procedure.

Cosmetic reasons for Revision Procedures

But there are also cosmetic reasons for wanting a revision plastic surgery procedure. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is often part art and part science. Surgeons need to have firm understandings of aesthetics. And, in most cases, things work out perfectly. But sometimes the human body can throw a curveball into the mix and results may not turn out exactly as planned. In these cases, a revision procedure is usually desired to refine the final effects. For example, one common revision procedure is called Rhinoplasty Revision. During a rhinoplasty revision procedure, the results of a nose surgery are altered to make those results aesthetically pleasing.

But rhinoplasty revision, in particular, is sometimes not a great option. Rhinoplasty itself can be quite a painful procedure. And it can require a year of recovery, which can make many patients reluctant to undergo the procedure. One possible alternative for these patients is a procedure known as non surgical revision rhinoplasty. This procedure uses dermal fillers to alter the size and shape of the nose and bring it into alignment with the patient’s desired final look. The results are visible immediately and there is no required downtime. This makes non surgical revision rhinoplasty an incredibly popular option among patients who want a rhinoplasty revision procedure.

Getting the Final Look You Want

At the end of the day, plastic and cosmetic surgery is designed to give you the look you’re after. Plastic surgery should make you happy—happy with the way you look and happy to continue with your life. Sometimes, events conspire to ensure that you might need some additional procedures. But revision procedures are designed to help get you to that final end goal. In this way, revision procedures can make a lot of sense. If you’re unhappy with the way your plastic or cosmetic surgery turned out, you have a wide variety of options in order to get the final results you want.

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