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Summary: Rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, are the most popular form of cosmetic surgery… but why? Dr. Bosbous helps us understand.

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Nose Job Knowledge

Rhinoplasty is the surgical term that refers to enhancing, reshaping, or rebuilding the nose. Most people like to playfully refer to it as a “nose job.” Chances are you can name at least a few people (famous or otherwise) than have undergone this cosmetic procedure. In fact, rhinoplasty continues to be at the top of most popular/common plastic surgery procedure lists year after year. If you’ve considered rhinoplasty, or know someone who wants a nose job, understanding the ins and outs is number one when it comes to satisfying results.

Rhinoplasty 101

One of the reasons doctors believe rhinoplasty is so common is because the nose is a predominant part of the face. Dr. Bosbous, from Milwaukee Plastic Surgery, see’s many, many patients every year who want to alter their face using rhinoplasty. He suggested to us that because the nose is front and center when people look at you, it is very often a body part that we are insecure about. The rise of the “selfie” and social media accounts certainly hasn’t helped people feel better about their nose- they see it everywhere!- thus, rhinoplasty continues to dominate as #1 most requested procedure.

Knowing the Facts

Milwaukee rhinoplasty expert Dr. Bosbous can fix a number of nasal issues including:

  • Size (too big, too small)
  • Width (too thin, too wide)
  • Symmetry
  • Projection issues
  • Unusual nostrils or nasal tip
  • Overall appearance of profile

For most these issues are cosmetic, but there are some cases where rhinoplasty can improve your breathing and help you to snore left. If you suffer from what is known as a deviated septum, rhinoplasty may improve your life in addition to enhancing your appearance.

Rhinoplasty for Everyone?

Rhinoplasty is one cosmetic surgery that is popular with people all across the board: more and more younger cosmetic surgery patients are requesting nose jobs that ever before, and the surgery doesn’t discriminate… both men and women love the procedure and its effects. If you are worried about the way your nose looks in your most recent selfie, of if you suffer from a major breathing problem that may benefit from surgery, learning more about rhinoplasty may be your answer. A board certified plastic surgeon can answer any additional questions you may have about the surgery, and we at Plastic Surgery Articles have a number of great articles related to the topic in our archives.

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