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Summary: Many people who undergo rhinoplasty/nasal cosmetic surgery procedures do so because of the aesthetics of their nose. New improvements to the surgical techniques, however, have the ability to improve their breathing and provide them with benefits they never knew were possible!

Nose Knows Best

Rhinoplasty procedures are increasingly popular among patients of all ages these days. The nose is the central feature of the face, and if you are unsatisfied with yours chances are it is giving you a lot of stress. You do not need to suffer in silence anymore- there are things that can be done to improve your quality of life! Doctors have been making so many advances to the procedure lately that now is definitely time to consider a rhinoplasty if you haven’t already. With new techniques showing huge improvements to a patients breathing post-op, you may get even more bang for your buck after your surgery is complete.

Breathe Better Than Ever

Over 130,000 people undergo NYC rhinoplasty procedures every year. This is a major form of cosmetic surgery and it is growing in popularity every year. Doctors are doing everything they can to stay on top of new technology and trends in order to improve your results and give you an amazing overall experience. Because surgeons are striving to improve not just aesthetics but also long term breathing effects, rhinoplasty has become even more beneficial.  In recent studies, doctors who reported 90+% satisfaction rates in the area of aesthetics also have experienced approximately 90% of their patients reporting improved breathing, as well.

Cosmetic is Okay

Chances are you are mainly considering a rhinoplasty procedure because of the way your nose looks, and that is okay. Cosmetic improvements to the nose can be extremely beneficial to a person’s self-esteem and the way they view themselves. If you are unhappy with your nose, you are likely to be unhappy with your overall appearance and that is something no one should have to suffer from. Keep in mind the reasons you are thinking about surgery, and make sure that you have realistic expectations of your final product. Discussing all of your feelings and concerns with your doctor will help assure you that you will get the post-op look you desire- any other benefits will be icing on the cake.

Beyond Beneficial

Rhinoplasty can improve your nose in many areas.  Whether you are looking for improvements to your outer or inner nose, a procedure may be able to improve upon your nose’s:

  • Aesthetics; making your nose look more beautiful than ever
  • Breathing; improving breathing, reducing snoring
  • Nasal health issues; repairing a deviated septum or broken nose
  • Ethnic rhinoplasty; making changes to your nose while keeping your genetic traits in mind

The above benefits are just a sample of all the wonderful things that can be achieved with rhinoplasty. If you are curious about learning more, talk to your doctor and he will set you up for success. If you are undergoing your surgery for mostly cosmetic reasons, now it’s possible that you will leave with improvements to your breathing, also! Surgeons are working hard to make all of their procedures as beneficial to their patients as possible, and new advancements to rhinoplasty are proving to be just that!

To learn more about how a rhinoplasty can help you both cosmetically and functionally consult New York Rhinoplasty Surgeon – Dr. Grigoriy Mashkevich from Modern Contours in Manhattan.

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