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Summary: You might be having a mix of feelings if your role model just got plastic surgery. After all, this person was your role model for a reason. We tend to idolize our role models, so how could there be anything wrong with them? Of course, all of our role models are still human beings. And we need to be aware of that to some degree. We also need to be aware of ourselves and our own beauty. That means that just because our role models got plastic surgery doesn’t necessarily mean we should do.

My Role Model Just Got Plastic Surgery! Now What?

Maybe you’ve been perusing the gossip sites or the entertainment news, and suddenly you see one item that gets your attention: Your role model just got plastic surgery. Now what? Maybe that actress or singer or celebrity really embodied what beauty was to you. Or maybe you just admired the way he or she conducted themselves in public.

And yet, your role model is both a human being and a personal brand. Marketing works in a very specific set of ways. It’s designed to plant an idea in your head and so, later, when you have the means or the desire, you can purchase x brand instead of y brand. When it comes to celebrities, they use their cultural cache to create influence in other ways.

Sometimes it’s about behavior. Sometimes it’s about marketing. What’s important is this: when you see your role model get plastic surgery, you’re often forced to grapple with a few different feelings. The first, and often the most pressing, is the feeling that, somehow, because your role model got plastic surgery, you should get plastic surgery too.

It Doesn’t Mean You Should Undergo Surgery Yourself

But we should be clear about this. Just because your role model got a facelift doesn’t mean you need a facelift. Every single plastic surgery procedure is supposed to be custom tailored to the patient. In other words, just because someone else got a facelift, doesn’t mean a facelift is going to be good for you too.

It also doesn’t mean that plastic surgery is going to be good for you. If a celebrity undergoes a plastic surgery procedure, it’s likely that he or she is trying to address very specific issues. You might not share those issues–or you might not have any issues, frankly.

Plastic surgery is definitely not something that should be pushed or pressured on to anyone. That’s because there are inherent risks to surgical procedure. There are even some inherent risks for procedures that seem totally harmless, such as dermal filler or Botox injections. That’s why you should only consider plastic surgery if it’s something that you truly want. Only then is the discomfort that accompanies recovery ever truly worth it.

When a celebrity does that math and makes a determination, it doesn’t mean you should plug in the same numbers and get the same outcome. Only you can make that determination about your body.

Does it Mean That Beauty is Hopeless?

The other question it raises when your role model shows off his or her new plastic surgery-assisted look is about beauty: is beauty totally hopeless? Or, let’s put it another way: if someone as gorgeous as your role model (and we’re talking about a specific type of role model here) needed plastic surgery to feel good and confident, what hope is there for you?

This is an understandable question. But it’s also a somewhat misguided question in that it subscribes to a rather monolithic view of beauty. In order to be beautiful, you pretty much have to do one thing: think you’re beautiful.

Now, plastic surgery is going to complicate definitions of beauty. It always has. Beauty has long been thought of as something that’s naturally achieved. Procedures such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck or even blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty call that into question. But that doesn’t mean that beauty is hopeless without plastic surgery.

What’s more important than “beauty” is how you look and feel to yourself. That’s why much of plastic surgery is marketed as bringing you into alignment with your “real self” or your self image.

Make Sure You Do Your Own Thing

For a wide variety of reasons, we can feel a sense of doubt and disappointment when our role model undergoes a plastic surgery transformation. In our minds, they were perfect just the way they were. But we have to remember that celebrities are not immune from feeling self-conscious about one thing or another.

Celebrities are human, after all. And sometimes they notice things or are bothered by things that we never see. (After all, if your role model works in Hollywood, there’s a fair bit of alteration already happening with makeup and lighting.) The point is this: if a celebrity happens to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, it’s very important that you don’t follow in their footsteps for no reason.

That said, if you’ve always wanted plastic surgery, or if there is something you truly want to change, there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by your role models. That’s why they’re there!

As you can see, this is a… rather complicated kind of discussion. Let’s put it this way: if you’re thinking about having plastic surgery–for any reason–it’s important to have in depth discussions and consultations with your plastic surgeon. Be sure to ask questions about how any given procedure will impact you and your body. If your role model just got plastic surgery, you can certainly use that as inspiration. But don’t forget about yourself in the process.

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