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Summary: Celebrities often aren’t shy about their plastic surgery. But that doesn’t stop nosy gossip columnists from speculating about who had what done. It happens, and it’s just part of the job (though we don’t have to like it). Iggy Azalea has been especially open about her plastic surgery procedures, using them as a springboard for useful discussions. But that hasn’t stopped some from speculating that maybe she had a butt augmentation procedure. Personally, I think this happens because some people think that those who want plastic surgery must want to change everything about themselves. But that’s not the case. In fact, most simply use plastic surgery to address problem areas.

Plastic Surgery to Address Problem Areas

It will come as no shock to our regular readers that Iggy Azalea has been in the news quite a bit lately. At least, she’s been in the plastic surgery news. First, last year, she admitted to having a breast augmentation procedure performed. According to Azalea, she had this procedure performed so that her body would exhibit more pleasing proportions. Azalea had always been known, at least in part, for her derriere, and she felt as though her breasts were disproportionately small. She even told tales of how she had to wear padded shirts and tank tops and bras and so on in order to look more proportional.

We certainly appreciate that Azalea was so open with her procedure. Likewise, Azalea was open when she later received a nose job—denying it, she said, would be “lame.” So, rather than denying her plastic surgery, Azalea has been pretty open about it, talking about her own struggles (and changes with struggles) with body image and the like. As far as it goes, Azalea has been a very articulate spokesperson for her own plastic surgery. We like that about her—we like that quite a bit. Because plastic surgery only benefits from frank discussions about what it can help with and what it can’t (and when).

Rumors Continue, However

Of course, for some reason, that hasn’t stopped the rumors. Lately, rumors have begun swirling that Azalea has undergone a butt augmentation procedure (sometimes called a Brazilian Butt lift, but those procedures are a specific kind of butt augmentation). At any rate, Azalea denies having any plastic surgery performed on her rear end, and there’s absolutely no reason not to take her at her word, as she has been quite open about her other procedures. And yet, there are some that find that difficult to believe. There are some who seem to think that Azalea must have had more plastic surgery procedures.

That’s because there’s this odd notion out there that most plastic surgery patients have multiple procedures. And that simply isn’t true. In fact, according to most research, patients will generally only have one or two procedures performed during their lifetime. (Excluded from these numbers are repeat procedures, such as Botox or dermal fillers.) That’s because most patients who want plastic surgery feel pretty good about most of their bodies—there’s just one or two things that they would change. Sometimes it’s the lips, sometimes it’s the breast, and sometimes it’s that little bit of extra skin around the belly.

Most Elect for Fewer Procedures

It’s true that some patients will elect for more procedures. Azalea herself elected to undergo both a breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty procedure (though not at the same time). But that doesn’t necessarily mean that every part of her body has been touched or altered by a plastic surgeon. Rather, it simply means that many people want to alter one or two things (often things that cannot be remedied by diet or exercise alone) before they are completely happy with the way they look.

It’s also worth pointing out that a few procedures actually combine other plastic surgery procedures. Mommy makeover procedures, for example, combine liposuction or a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or a breast lift, and other procedures in order to give women, basically, their “pre-baby” body back (or, at least make it look that way). The women look more youthful, more energetic, happier, and so on. But even though these mommy makeover patients are having multiple procedures, those procedure are really addressing one issue: being a mom and the stress on the body that comes with that. So, rather than having to go to an Englewood plastic surgeon for some procedures and a Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon for others, the patient gets it all done under one roof.

Helping Where Diet and Exercise Cannot

But there’s a difference between what’s available and what’s common. Again, most plastic surgery procedures address one area—with the intention of addressing that area very well. It certainly helps explain why so many people are incredibly happy with their results. Of course, there are some people who want to change themselves substantially. But it’s worth noting that those people are not in the majority of plastic surgery patients. Rather, the majority of plastic surgery patients are only interested in addressing one or two separate areas.

So if you’ve got one or two problem areas that diet and exercise simply won’t help, don’t be afraid to try contacting your plastic surgeon to see if one or two procedures are just what you’re looking for.

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