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Summary: Breast cancer is awful, but once you beat it, reconstruction can give you hope! Dancing with the Stars co-host Samantha Harris offers a glimpse of the way modern women glamorizing their mastectomy as an act of empowerment.

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Mastectomy Blues

Let’s be real for a minute: mastectomies suck. Because they are so heavily coded as feminine, breasts can be a big part of a woman’s identification as a woman. A mastectomy, even when it’s lifesaving, can have some real consequences for a woman’s identity. It’s a traumatic procedure, not a glamorous one. At least, until recently. Some women are changing the stereotype and trying to spread the post-cancer love. Samantha Harris, former co-host of Dancing with the Stars, has been letting us in on her mastectomy journey and she is giving little shout outs to her amazing surgical team. Remember that a mastectomy doesn’t mean all hope is gone… once the shock of the situation wears off a bit, it may be time to start thinking about your reconstruction options.

Spread the Love

Dancings’ Samantha Harris took to Twitter recently to thank the surgeons who performed her mastectomy, tweeting:

Made it thru grueling double mastectomy #surgery. Thanks to all of my amazing surgical team.

We love to see all the surgeon-love! Certainly, most surgeons will not only focus on removing the potentially bad tissue, but also on doing so in a way that enables easier reconstruction down the road. In other words, while oncological surgeons remove the bad, plastic surgeons come in after to add the good, and this works best in concert. With breast reconstruction surgery, many women choose to restore their looks back to its original appearance, while others use it as an opportunity to create the chest they always wanted.

The possibilities are endless, and after what you’ve been though, you’ve earned something to be excited about.

The Choice is Yours

Breast reconstruction sounds complicated, but it’s nothing compared to the battle you’ve just fought. The expert surgeons at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery see many, many New Jersey breast reconstruction patients every year who are counting their blessings, as Samantha Harris is, but feel like maybe it’s time for more. ECAPS offers 2 types of reconstruction: DIEM Flap (lower abdominal incision, uses the skin and fat from the area between the umbilicus and pubic hair to recreate a natural appearing breast), and TRAM Flap (fatty issue and skin are moved via tunneling to the chest area.) What is best for you will be determined by your plastic surgeon.

Don’t let anyone judge your desire for reconstruction after a mastectomy. It’s your body, life, and journey. More importantly, it’s your identity. Reconstruction isn’t about vanity, it’s about that identity. If the whole situation makes you nervous, remember that Samantha Harris is in the same boat as you. We are never alone, so speak up about your desire for breast reconstruction surgery and you could be an inspiration to others, just like Samantha.

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