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Summary: Living with a visible scar can be traumatic. There are many techniques a cosmetic surgeon may be able to use to restore your appearance to a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing state.

There Is Hope Out There

Scars are one of those things almost every has and almost everyone wants to hide. While it’s important to remember that no scar can be removed for good (without replacing it with another), there are many techniques that doctors can use to make them visibly reduced. The scar that you have will determine which technique will treat it best. If you suffer from an existing scar that you wish would go away, there may just be hope for you yet!

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Accessing Your Scar

A cosmetically acceptable scar is considered to be level with surrounding skin, a good color match, soft, and narrow. If your scar doesn’t fit these criteria, chances are you are upset with the way that it looks. A visibly displeasing scar can be traumatic, especially if it is in a place where other people can see it easily. It is important to remember that you have options, however, and that you are not alone.

Multiple Choices for Your Revision

There are many ways that doctors can go about making a scar less visible. Below are a list of just some of the techniques that may benefit you and your scar:

Excisional Techniques: The scar is shaved off with a razor and allowed to heal. This is an excellent choice for scars that are elevated. By making them flush with the skin, this will dramatically reduce their appearance.

Fusiform/Elliptical Excision: For depressed scars, this technique uses a 360* cut and removes the area of the scar all together as the center. Epidermal sutures are used during the healing process and the scarring that happens afterwards will be much less severe than the original scar.

Serial Partial Excision: This is the best for extreme scars. Removed like any other skin abnormality, cuts are made around the scar and the tissue is extracted. Scarring may result afterwards, but for large scars this technique is often times the most effective way to reduce visibility.

Educate Yourself

This is just a small sample of the techniques doctors can use to reduce the appearance of your scars. If your abnormality is unique or smaller or larger than the ones listed above, there is still a good chance a doctor can help you. By discussing everything with a cosmetic surgeon, you will be given the tools to make an educated decision on how to proceed with your scar revision surgery.

Talk To a Doctor Today

Improving your skin and reducing the visibility of a scar can have a dramatic impact on someone’s self-image and self-esteem. While there is no way to remove a scar completely, there are many techniques that allow doctors to make them less apparent, or replace them with more discrete scars. Don’t suffer in silence- there is hope for you out there. Make an appointment with a  surgeon like Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Dayan  today and discuss the above techniques, as well as any others that may be beneficial to your specific case. You have every right to a beautiful, scar free life.

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