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Summary: The very idea of an authentic breast augmentation result might seem odd. By it’s nature, plastic surgery artificially changes the body. But that doesn’t mean that the results have to look anything but natural. Indeed, according to the website of the Minneapolis breast procedure experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, most patients want results that look natural. But not all. Some patients prefer results that look artificial—that look heightened. Whatever your desired results may be, there is an implant—and a version of the breast augmentation procedure—that is going to be perfect for you.

Seeking an Authentic Breast Augmentation Result

Life is full of options—and, therefore, life is full of decisions. The more options on the menu, usually, the harder it is to make a decision. This, by the way, is why most wedding invitations simply ask: chicken or steak (or vegetarian). If the decision was much harder than that, some people might never RSVP. We like easy decisions. That’s just human nature, more or less. And that still applies to breast augmentation procedures—though, we’ve got a lot of decisions to make there, as well (if only because we have so many options).

And let’s be honest about that: there are a lot of options when it comes to breast augmentation. You can decide on the size, the shape, the contours, the material of the implant, the way the implant is inserted and so on. What many plastic surgeons recommend, therefore, is it to focus on the outcome you want. What do you want the final result to look like? By thinking about that, you can let the plastic surgeon suggest the best ways to achieve that look. So, rather than having to make decisions about every aspect of your augmentation procedure, you can simply make the important decisions and let your surgeon make recommendations on how you get there.

How Do You Want Your Breasts to Look?

Most women who come in for a breast augmentation consultation have a general idea of how they want to look once the procedure is over. Obviously, in the case of most of them, that involves enlargement of the breasts (procedures such as breast reduction and breast lifts are common, of course, but are covered under their own names). There are a couple of ways to figure out just how large you want your breasts to be, from photoshopped images to specially made bras that simulate the final size.

However, what might be more important than the size measured in CCs is the size compared to your body. Do you want to go for something authentic-looking or something that emphasizes bigger size? Here’s what I mean by that. Many breast augmentation patients come in relatively flat chested. These patients generally desire a breast size that will compliment their hip size—that is, a breast size that comforts more closely to typical proportions. These women could easily be said to be going for an authentic look. They want their breasts to look as thought they are a natural size.

Authentic Breast Augmentation Options

On the other end of the spectrum are women who desire a breast size that is obviously too large for her frame. There are many reasons why a women may desire such a size, and most of those patients simply feel more comfortable in their own skins once they have achieved that larger size. But they aren’t necessarily concerned with authenticity. They’re more concerned with size. For one set of patients, authenticity is paramount and for another size is most important. This will, of course, come down to the preferences of the patient.

But once the plastic surgeon knows this, he can suggest an appropriate size for an implant. It will also help the surgeon suggest a shape for an implant. There are two basic shapes for breast implants: teardrop, which looks more natural, and spherical, which looks more artificial. A teardrop implant will likely not be able to achieve a huge size difference, so that is more often employed by women seeking the “authentic” look. The spherical implant has a more obviously artificial look to it, and so is most often pursued by patients who are not concerned with the results looking natural.

An Option for Every Outcome

There are more options, as well. Most women will settle on silicone implants, but not all—indeed, fat graft implants are becoming increasingly popular. These are implants created by purified fat taken from other areas of the body. They look and feel quite natural, though there is less control over the final size than there is with an artificial implant. Depending on your desired results, your plastic surgeon may recommend a specific implant type, but don’t be surprised when silicone comes up. It is still the number one used breast implant type—by a mile!

These decisions aren’t to be made lightly, as you’ll be sticking with these results—quite likely—for a long time. But if you let your desired end results guide you, it’s likely you’ll end up enjoying those results quite a bit. After all, a breast augmentation is about feeling great about your body, feeling like you in your own skin, and enjoying it all.

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