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Summary: Among the most popular plastic surgery procedures, butt augmentation is one of the fastest growing. It’s not hard to see why: many people love the idea of a bigger, rounder rear end—and that can be exceptionally difficult to achieve through diet and exercise alone. From Los Angeles to Clear Lake, TX, butt lift plastic surgeons choose a variety of their favorite butt augmentation techniques in order to achieve the best results. That said, recent research seems to indicate that a combination of techniques may yield the best results for butt augmentation procedures.

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Getting to Know Butt Augmentation Techniques

Among the most popular plastic surgery procedures around these days is something called butt augmentation. It attempts to accomplish precisely what it says in the title: it’s going to increase the size or change the shape of your buttocks. This procedure is especially popular with women who are looking to achieve a larger, rounder backside—something that is particularly challenging to attain through diet and exercise alone, especially when your genetics aren’t particularly helpful. In other words, getting that perfect derrière can be exceptionally difficult, and without it, some women are left feeling out of proportion—uncomfortable in their own bodies.

This is unfortunate, obviously, and in many cases the obvious solution is plastic surgery. Butt augmentation procedures are generally accomplished in one of two ways. First, there’s the fat graft technique, in which some of the unwanted fat around, say, the belly (or another suitable donor site) is extracted via liposuction. The fat is then purified and placed into the buttocks where it gives you a whole new look. The second method is through by implanting a silicone device. This device is akin to a breast implant—but specially made for the rear end in order to achieve the optimal shape and size.

The Advantages and Drawbacks of Each Procedure

Each of these procedures has its own advantages and drawbacks. With fat grafting techniques, you get a great look, but the size of the finished product is a little bit more fluid than most people like. Some of the fat tends to get reabsorbed back into the body, so while a good chunk of it stays where it should, not all of it does, and that can introduce some uncertainty for many patients. On the opposite side of the coin, silicone butt implants tend to give patients that complete certainty in the outcome, but they lack the natural feel of a fat graft, especially when the patient is sitting down. To be sure, silicone implants look real and feel real to the touch, but it’s the sitting sensation that can throw some patients off.

When everything is weighed, most plastic surgeons end up going with a fat graft technique for their patients. When it comes to the cost of the procedure, the longevity of the results, and the final looks, it just makes the most sense for most purposes. But that doesn’t mean that all fat graft procedures are created equally. Indeed, there many different techniques to fat graft procedures that can help the fat last longer and the results look better.

New Research Leads the Way

According to new research published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery a small team of researchers led by Rodrigo Gouvea Rosique, MD, PhD, of Master Hospital of Plastic Surgery in Brazil, has found that, in the cases they looked at, combining different fat grafting techniques yielded even better results and lower complications. In all fairness, they looked at people who were of relatively stable weight—that is, not patients that were looking to use liposuction to remove a large amount of unwanted fat. And, in the cases they performed, most of the patients were not looking to lose weight and, therefore, had the fat taken from the thigh or leg areas.

This isn’t terribly uncommon—sometimes belly fat is the best target, but sometimes it’s not. It’s between you and your plastic surgeon to determine the best place to get your fat from. Sometimes, a combination of areas seems to work better. That’s one of the suggestions we can glean from the research described above. Indeed, you may be better off with a mixture of different fats—your results may be more reliable in that case.

Whatever Butt Augmentation Technique You Settle on Should Work For You

Whatever technique your surgeon decides to employ, make sure your voice is heard and you’re getting the rear end you want. In other words, make sure your voice is heard in the discussion. After all, you’re going to be the one that’s living with that rear end. The idea of plastic surgery, though, is that you are not simply “living with” your augmented butt—you’re enjoying it.

And that enjoyment is what it’s all about. Butt augmentation is a procedure designed to make you feel good about your proportions and about your body. In most cases, the women who want butt augmentation and who undergo the procedure report an increase in self-esteem, in confidence, and in quality of life. In other words, most patients who undergo a butt augmentation procedure are thrilled with the results and tend to enjoy their new bodies to the fullest.

What more could you really ask for from an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure? It certainly helps explain why butt augmentation is incredibly popular today—and why it’ll keep getting even more popular in the future.

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