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Summary: Innovation is the life blood of plastic surgery, among other industries. Indeed, plastic surgery innovation is one of the reasons why we have so many non-invasive procedures today. Generally, it works out for everyone involved to share their discoveries, not only in the spirit of cooperation, but in the spirit of shared prosperity. Sharing new techniques and procedures is a great way to keep the entire industry innovating and strong. Everyone from Minneapolis plastic surgeons to Los Angeles cosmetic specialists show up to these events to show what they’ve learned.

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The Trade Show for Plastic Surgery Innovation

As with any profession, it’s important that plastic surgeons occasionally get together and discuss, well, everything. In most academic or trade circles this is referred to as a “conference,” and aesthetic plastic surgery is no different. Perhaps the most prominent conference in this arena is held annually in Las Vegas, and it’s called the Aesthetics Show. At the Aesthetics Show, over the course of three days or so, plastic and cosmetic surgeons from around the country get together to discuss a wide variety of topics, all of which are aimed at making surgeons, simply, better at their jobs.

Innovation is a watchword for just about every field of practice or trade. Everybody loves to innovate. Of course, innovation is also one of those things that our higher ups rarely seem to make time for, leaving everyone in the ranks to “innovate” on their own time. Some fields of medicine are even susceptible to this, but plastic and cosmetic surgery in general are both quite proficient at emphasizing this aspect of running a business. They need to. Innovation is a key component to staying ahead in the game of nipping and tucking. What makes this interesting is that rather than hoarding these developments, plastic and cosmetic surgeons tend to share these developments.

A Novel Area of Study and Practice

Perhaps this is one of the things that makes plastic surgery a continually novel and expanding arena. Not only do plastic surgeons innovate, but they share that innovation with other docs. While this might seem like the equivalent of giving away trade secrets, there are actually some pretty logical and rational motivations (over and above altruism) that explain why plastic surgeons do this. First and foremost, there’s a prestige element. If you’re the innovator of a new technique, part of the prestige you get is from innovating a popular new thing. It’s only good to you if everybody’s using it. (And everyone will use it if it’s a good procedure.)

Second, the safer and more effective plastic surgery is in general, the better it is for everyone, because patients are going to be more likely to opt for surgery. If, on the other hand, plastic surgery had a reputation as dangerous or unsafe (even a little)—you’d see people flee from all plastic surgeons. In other words, by making plastic surgery as safe and effective as possible for everyone, the pool of potential patients goes up. And that’s good for everybody.

Events Covered at the Aesthetics Show

So what kind of things do plastic surgeons talk about when they gather together? That’s a good question, and, frankly, the topics are quite varied. There will be general discussions on the art of feminine rejuvenation, for example. This makes sense, as vaginal rejuvenation is one of the most quickly growing sectors of plastic and cosmetic surgery. There will also be courses on advanced techniques from practice success. And most days will involve breakout education workshops as well. In other words, it’s a great opportunity for plastic surgeons to discover what works and what’s popular in the field today. And it’s an even better opportunity for these surgeons to learn from one another.

There will also be a workshop on how to deal with plastic surgery patients that want “weird” procedures or results. To be sure, weird is mostly relative when it comes to plastic surgery. One person’s facelift might be a little weird. Another person’s Botox might be a little weird. I think what this particular panel is getting is dealing with plastic surgery requests that violate ethics. For example, if someone wants an ear sown to her or her arm or something equally ridiculous. Dealing with such requests can be a difficult conversation, and knowing how to handle it in a way that’s healthy—for all sides—is definitely something that plastic surgeons should know how to do.

Always a Lot to Learn

There is a lot more to learn at the Aesthetics Show—and that’s one of the main reasons why plastic surgeons attention in such numbers, and from such diverse places. Not only will surgeons from the Las Vegas area be there, so too will Minneapolis Liposuction surgeons, or breast augmentation specialists from Alaska. Indeed, the Aesthetics Show is an international draw, and specialists from across the world attend with regularity. Las Vegas is the perfect venue, due to a wealth of conference infrastructure (that is, hotels) and social lubricants.

Even for those who aren’t plastic surgeons, the Aesthetics Show is a great place to learn what’s on the horizon in the world of cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery. This means that the show regularly attracts those in the media world and those who are simply interested in the variety of plastic surgery techniques out there. So if you want to know what the next big innovation will be—and there will be one—keep your eyes on the Aesthetics Show. After all, that’s what we’ll be doing.

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