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Summary: Single mom’s find little time for themselves, so how could one possibly find the time to receive the breast augmentation she has been wanting for years? Most don’t know how little time is actually needed to get a breast augmentation.

I began seriously considering getting breast implants when I came across an article on the TODAY show’s website. It was really a survey more than an article and, like much of TODAY’s content, was aimed at moms such as me.

The headline asked, “Do You Love Your Body?” Seriously? I could count on one hand the number of moms I know who would answer yes to that question (and I don’t think they’re being honest). But the survey did get me thinking.

As a single mom, I tend to fret about my appearance more often than I care to admit. It’s not that I’m desperate to find a partner, but I don’t want an opportunity to pass me by because I chose that day to do my grocery shopping in sweat pants. I certainly don’t hate my body, as do 31% of the moms who responded to the survey. My relationship with my body is more “meh” than hate.

Truth be told, I’ve always been a little bit self-conscious about certain parts, especially my breasts. Even after getting married, I sometimes became preoccupied around well-endowed women at the gym or frustrated when bra shopping. After getting divorced, those feelings shifted. I began thinking I wouldn’t turn any heads even though I keep in pretty decent shape and don’t scare small children.

So I started considering breast implants. I make good money, so that wasn’t an issue, but I was more concerned about the recovery. Who was going to take care of my 5-year-old daughter when I couldn’t even lift a laundry basket? She’s not as demanding as a toddler, but she isn’t exactly independent. I envisioned at least 5 days of barely being able to move, and I don’t have family in the area. I figured I could get some friends to help out during the day, but I was still wavering.

I must admit I didn’t really know much about breast enhancement surgery or what was involved with the recovery, so I started looking online for more information. My research led me to a phrase that caught my eye: “rapid recovery breast augmentation.” I’m typically skeptical, and my initial reaction was that this sounded like something straight from a late-night infomercial. You can be back on your feet and your normal daily routine within a day or two?

But I continued exploring and found the topic discussed quite a bit on a website called RealSelf, which is a great online forum where potential patients can ask plastic surgeons questions. The definition of “rapid” did seem to differ a bit between practices, but it appeared quite a few board-certified plastic surgeons actually have great results with the rapid recovery technique.

One of them, a breast augmentation specialist in the area where I live near Chicago, said on his website that he’d been doing these types of procedures since 2003 and listed specific surgical techniques and postoperative protocol that resulted in a quicker, more comfortable recovery than following traditional breast augmentation.

Following surgery, for example, the surgeon’s website said aftercare consists of:

  • No narcotics. Patients manage discomfort with TYLENOL® and/or Motrin®, which allows for a quicker return to mobility and speeds the healing process.
  • No drains.
  • No special support bras, binding, or wrapping.
  • No implant massage.

Instead, patients are encouraged to raise their arms overhead and perform gentle postoperative exercises to reduce stiffness and promote faster healing.

So I’ve decided to schedule some consultations and learn more about this topic. If I can get breast implants and be able to take care of my daughter after only a couple of days, then I’ll take the plunge. Wish me luck!

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