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Summary: Finding the right size for your breast augmentation can be a head scratcher. There are a lot of variables to consider. Ultimately, you want to find the one that’s right for you, but to do that, you’ll need to consider elements such as volume, shape, and profile.
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Resisting Temptation

There’s a temptation to second-guess yourself when you’re planning your breast augmentation. You don’t want to go too small and, after the operation, spend years wishing you’d gone bigger. At the same time, you don’t want to go too big, and become a kind of cartoon character.

Peer Pressure

Nobody knows your body like you do. Yet, everyone seems to feel completely qualified offering you an opinion about what you should do. Your friends might be telling you to go bigger or go smaller than you want to. And, of course, they might have all sorts of reasons for doing so.

At the same time, your friends and family do have a unique perspective. So it’s not a bad idea to figure out whom you trust about your body. You could bring your friend with to your consultation, or you might want the opinion of someone you’ve never met before (maybe they’ll be more objective). So feel free to ask one of the nurses or medical assistants for feedback.

How Your Body Works it

The best fit is determined by volume, shape, and how your body works with it all. This is measured in several different ways.

Profile: There are three basic profile types: low, moderate, and high. Essentially, these measure how your breasts will project outward. You’ll want to talk to your plastic surgeon about which profile type will work best for your frame, as the width of your shoulders and the broadness of your chest will have a lot to do with the profile you choose. Most plastic surgeons offer a kind of “moderate-plus” profile, which offers the advantage of tapered implants which, while noticeable, are not as high profile as other implants.

Shape: Teardrop or full? Essentially, do you want your breasts to have a more natural looking teardrop shape? Or do you want to have fuller, rounder breasts (this isn’t terribly far from the “push up bra” shape). The answer to this question will depend largely on your preferences, but also your frame and your intentions.

CCs: You might be used to measuring your breasts by cup size. For the purposes of plastic surgery, cup size is notoriously unreliable, so plastic surgeons measure volume in CCs (or cubic centimeters) instead. When you’re looking at your desired size, keep in mind that a cup size increase is generally going to be around 150cc increase.

Try Them on for Size

Most plastic surgeons, such as the Twin Cities breast augmentation specialists at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, will have “samples” for you to try on. Don’t be afraid to try sizes that you think might be too big or too small, but also remember that the trial bras will be smaller than your final product by about 50cc.

Talk to your plastic surgeon today and start trying on your new body!

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