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how do you make your face look younger

Summary: Have you been wondering how to make your skin look younger? In some ways, it’s easier than you thought. In other ways, it might be a little more challenging. Much will depend on where you are in the process as well as what you value—after all, when we talk about making the skin look more youthful, we aren’t always talking about lines and wrinkles around the skin.

The Desire to Make Your Skin Look Younger

When you’re looking to make yourself look a little more youthful, one of the main things you’re talking about is, of course, your own skin. That is, you want to know how to make your skin look younger so that, in effect, you look younger. Sure, that’s not always the case. Sometimes how old you look has nothing to do with your skin.

But for the vast majority of people who are interested in plastic and cosmetic surgery, making your skin look younger and more youthful is the primary aim. Here’s the thing, though: there are a lot of different ways to do that. And the condition of your skin (and your overall goal) will determine the best course of action.

In other words, there is no shortage of treatments for your skin—and treatments that will make your skin look younger. But which course of action is right for you will depend on you endgame.

Keep Your Skin Young in the First Place

Perhaps the best trick is to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant in the first place. It sounds obvious, right? But it’s amazing how shocking it can be. It’s easier to maintain youth—to preserve it—than it is to restore it. Even if you accept this as somewhat obvious, it can be difficult to know, precisely, what to do about it. That is, what will actually help you preserve the youthfulness of your skin?

There are a few tips and tricks:

  • Moisturize Inside and Out: You know that you’re supposed to drink lots of water, right? It’s good for your health and good for your skin. So, yes, do everything you can to keep your skin hydrated on the outside (creams, wraps, and masks, etc) but don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Because that’s where your skin gets the majority of its fluid.
  • Avoid Tobacco Products: Nothing is going to give you lines and wrinkles faster than smoking cigarettes. Indeed, the use of tobacco products is universally bad for your skin. One of the best ways to avoid getting lines and wrinkles prematurely is simply to avoid smoking.
  • Botox: I know, I know. Botox is used to eliminate lines and wrinkles after they appear, right? Well, not always. In fact, Botox is often used to help prevent the development of lines and wrinkles. And if it’s applied to muscles that would cause wrinkles down the line, it’s actually pretty effective at this.

Of course, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is another great way to prevent wrinkles—but you already knew that!

Once Wrinkles Appear

Eventually, however, wrinkles are going to appear and they’re going to make you look older. For many people, that might be okay. What’s in the mirror reflects how they feel about themselves—or they simply don’t really care about those lines and wrinkles.

But for some people, those lines and wrinkles will be insufferable. They want to look younger because they feel younger. The body image should match the body. Those particular people have a few options when it comes to eliminating wrinkles—but those options will depend on the cause.

  • Muscles: You might notice that if you often furrow your brow, you tend to get wrinkles between your eyes. That has to do with the way that your facial muscles and skin interact. But the solution is usually something like a Botox injection. The Botox will work for somewhere around three or four months.
  • Volume: As you age, your skin expands. Gravity is always exerting a pull and so, basically, your skin stretches. This can warp your skin’s optimal volume to surface area ratio. You have too much surface area to the volume available, and your skin looks lax and lifeless as a result. Usually, dermal filler injections are used to increase the amount of volume beneath your skin, restoring a more youthful surface area to volume ratio.
  • Significant Excess Skin: In cases where your “aged” look is caused by a significant amount of excess tissue, dermal filler injections can only do so much. Indeed, there may come a point where the only option available for getting a more “youthful” look is to undergo surgery. That means a facelift of some kind. Of course, there are many facelift options available, of various types. Some facelift techniques are less invasive than others, so much will depend on the extent of excess skin you possess.

Sometimes it’s Not About Wrinkles

There are some signs of aging—and some signs of youthfulness—that have absolutely nothing to do with wrinkles or lines in the face. Indeed, sometimes, looking more youthful, even around the skin, has more to do with changing something else about the way you look.

For example, a tummy tuck procedure address loose skin around the belly instead of the face. Likewise, a rhinoplasty might address your nose—changing the shape to make it look more youthful. Of course, there’s always a risk you don’t like the end result, meaning you’d have to get a revision rhinoplasty procedure (or at least a non surgical revision rhinoplasty) in order to get the correct results.

But little things like the nose can make a big difference. Just as little things like the apples of the cheeks can make a big difference. Ultimately, looking youthful isn’t only about lines and wrinkles. It’s about the composition of the entire face, including the health of the skin.

If you want to know more about how you can help your skin look a little more youthful, contact a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to schedule a consultation.

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