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Summary: Cosmetic surgery is always innovating. That’s nothing new (no pun intended), but it’s always worth separating the flavor of the month from what is really meeting a crucial need for patients. At this point, it’s still difficult to tell with a certain procedure called SkinPen. But according to the website of the Minneapolis SkinPen procedure experts at Carillon Clinic, the tool provides some definite benefits. SkinPen can clear up skin—including age spots and acne—as well as generally just make the skin look more rejuvenated and youthful. In other words, SkinPen has a lot to offer—and it will be interesting to see how long we’ll be talking about it.

Minneapolis SkinPen procedures can produce great results

SkinPen Gets Popular

Every once in a while, cosmetic surgery takes a turn towards the innovative and patients take note. In other words—procedures suddenly become quite popular in large part due to patients abruptly taking note of the results of that procedure. This is partly because cosmetic surgery is a field that is always innovating and moving forward, so it’s natural that every once in a while there would be some synergy between what the patients find appealing and new technology that’s become available (especially since what patients want often guides the development of that technology). Especially popular right now is a procedure called SkinPen.

This device is used for something called microderm abrasion. This a process by which your skin is traumatized—but in a subtle and controlled way. Essentially, incredibly tiny incisions are made in the skin (often as small as a fraction of a millimeter). These incisions are also made incredibly quickly and, therefore, generally aren’t painful (the exception, of course, is in sensitive areas such as under the eyes or around the forehead). SkinPen—so named because the device used looks like a pen—is also referred to as microneedling, and that gives you a pretty accurate image of what the device actually does (it’s a type of microderm abrasion). The intent here is to basically trick your skin into switching over into a healing mode.

Tricking Your Body Into Healing

When your body heals, it releases all kinds of chemicals that are good for you, as it should. Your healing body’s primary mission is to allocate resources so that you can recovery as quickly as possible. Microneedling basically pulls a one-over on that system. It traumatizes the skin just enough to not actually cause any long-term damage (there might be some redness or a little bleeding, so we can’t say “no” damage), and just enough to get those healing factors to kick and for your body to start releasing chemicals such as collagen.

The chemicals released find that they have a lot of work to do, of course, and set about doing that work. This is a kind of one-two punch. The microneedling eliminates your outermost layer of skin (a very thin layer) in a way that is not terribly discomforting and does not require a long recovery. This means that your face gets, essentially, a fresh layer of skin. Then the healing chemicals (collagen, for example) come in and make that fresh layer of skin vibrant and youthful looking because your body thinks there’s been a trauma and gets to the healing.

A Light Recovery

There is some recovery involved. Generally, patients experience some redness for 1-3 days after the treatments. But once the redness subsides, you can start to see those excellent results. Indeed, when it comes to the microinjuries, your body heals pretty quickly—even with that, the earliest another SkinPen treatment can be scheduled (for the same area) is 30 days later. Even with treatments a month apart, patients see a definitive and marked improvement over time, even when multiple treatments are necessary.

In addition to making your skin look more youthful, SkinPen can also even out your skin tone and eliminate acne. In other words, SkinPen has a lot more uses than a simple “look a little bit younger” approach might suggest. It can help remove blemishes, sunspots, and other mostly superficial damage that your skin simply absorbs over time. These benefits help explain why SkinPen continues to be so popular, not only among patients, but also among the doctors and cosmetic surgeons that use the device. SkinPen offers quick results and a quick recovery. It’s no wonder patients like it.

Cosmetic Surgeons Continue to Innovate

And that’s why cosmetic surgeons continue to innovate. There’s been a surge in procedures that offer great results with little in the way of your body paying a price. With traditional plastic surgery, there is usually a protracted recovery period (up to weeks and months in some cases). For those who are seeking dramatic results, this might be the best course of action. But dramatic results mean scars (however small) and recovery (however short). SkinPen, like many modern cosmetic surgery procedures, is designed to offer near immediate results or, in other words, instant gratification. To be sure, the results from SkinPen will not compete with something like a facelift procedure.

But SkinPen offers modest results on a relatively short timeline. And even modest results can mean a significant boost in morale, self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore, SkinPen is quite popular for those who have a big event coming up or simply want to be ready for anything—a job interview, a client meeting, a family birthday party, you name it. SkinPen helps you look and feel your best.

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