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Summary: If your deviated septum is causing sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, surgery to correct your nose may change the way you view going to bed forever.

Your Nose and Your Sleep

Believe it or not, our nose plays a big part in how well we sleep. Our nose affects our breathing, and difficulty breathing can create issues like sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. If you have a deviated septum that is causing you to snore loudly, or even experience interruptions in your breathing while you sleep, surgery to correct your nose may be the best option you have for getting the rest you deserve.

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Help is on its Way

Specialists who understand Septoplasty (corrective deviated septum surgery) know that a slight change to the inner workings of your nose can make all the difference when it comes to your sleep. It is important to understand that untreated sleep apnea can cause stroke, hypertension, and even heart failure. This is a serious issue because sleep apnea stops breathing repeatedly during sleep, meaning that your body and brain may not be getting enough oxygen.  A serious issue calls for a serious surgery, and Septoplasty may be the procedure that not only changes your life, but also saves it. Be sure to consult a qualified plastics surgeon like the Miami rhinoplasty surgeons at Elite Plastic Surgery.

Understanding Your Surgery

Deviated septum surgery may seem very complicated, but board certified plastic surgeons are experts at correcting nasal issues that negatively affect your sleep and breathing. The following is a step by step guide of what you may be able to expect from your surgery:

  • Before surgery, the doctor may use a thin, lighted instrument called an endoscope to look at your nasal passages. This will allow for them to see the shape of your septum and confirm that it is deviated.
  • You will receive either local or general anesthesia, depending on the severity of your case. Your hour to an hour and a half operation will likely be performed in an outpatient surgery center.
  • The septum and nasal passages are lined with a layer nasal mucosa. This is a soft tissue, and in order to repair the septum, your surgeon will work through the nostrils and make an incision that will separate the soft mucosa from the underlying bone. By trimming or straightening the bent cartilage your nasal passages will be opened.
  • Finally your doctor will replace the mucosa over the cartilage and bone and your operation will be complete.

Good Night, Sleep Tight

You should be able to experience improvements to your breathing right away, but the real proof will be when you go to bed and have uninterrupted sleep. People who suffer from sleep disorders because of their breathing will experience an amazing positive impact after their nose has been corrected. Anyone who suffers from issues of the nose should contact a board certified cosmetic surgeon and get the ball rolling on a Septoplasty procedure. Not only will the surgery change your life when you’re awake, but it will change your life when you’re asleep, and that can make all the difference!

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