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Summary: If you have undergone a lumpectomy or mastectomy recently and are unhappy with your nipples (or lack of…),  nipple reconstruction surgery is here for you.

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Survival Skills

If you are a cancer survivor, you deserve a round of applause for fighting one of the hardest battles there is to fight. The surgeons at East Coast Advanced Plastic Surgery see hundreds of patients just like you, who have undergone a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Many come to ECAPS with the same worries and concerns- one of which is their nipple appearance post-op. Don’t be sweating the small stuff at this point… let the experts take over. One little change will make a whole world of difference, and complete your journey once in for all.

Nipple Surgery 101

Most people probably don’t even think about their nipples, but if you are a cancer survivor and was left without nipples it can take over your thoughts. You don’t need to feel self conscious or not “whole” anymore because there are professionals that are ready to help. Understanding nipple surgery will help you rest assured that you are on your way to a restored, new you. New Jersey nipple reconstruction surgeons want you to know these facts about nipple surgery:

  • Nipple Reconstruction is an outpatient surgery, typically performed with local anesthesia and sedation. After a few hours of recovery you will be permitted to go home.
  • Your surgeon will create your new nipple shape with a flap of skin on the reconstructed breast.
  • For reconstruction of the areola, skin is either taken from other body parts and grafted, or more commonly, the areola is made from the tissue used for the breast reconstruction.
  • One your new nipples are fully healed, the area can be tattooed to match a natural areola.

After this procedure is over and you have been healing at home for a while, your surgeon should ask to see you for a follow up visit. If one is not mentioned, bring this point up yourself. A follow up will insure that you are recovering properly and that you are on your way to having a beautifully restored body.

Taking the Final Step

Your breast cancer story has been a long and challenging one. Now that you are survivor and have beat the odds, its time to complete the process and bring yourself back to 100%. If you are interested in nipple reconstruction surgery, talk to a board certified plastic surgeon about the facts that you learned in this article. Nipple reconstruction is a quick surgery on small area, but the results can make the world of difference to the patient. Don’t feel like a part of you is missing anymore!

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