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Summary: Often times people who seek out a rhinoplasty procedure do so because they feel their nose is too big, however this is not always the case. Rhinoplasty to make tiny noses longer is gaining popularity and is an aspect of the procedure not always discussed until now.

You Know Your Nose

Most people who undergo rhinoplasty procedures are self-conscious because they feel their nose is too big, but this is not the only way your nose could be out of proportion. While rhinoplasty can work wonders on correcting large or bumpy noses, the surgery can also be effective on noses that turn upwards or are too short. If you are worried that your nose is too small, there are options for you to get the look you desire. Don’t feel excluded from the rhinoplasty conversation any longer; help is on its way!

Big Complaints about Small Noses

Patients may not be aware that there are techniques to repair and enhance smaller noses, but rhinoplasty specialists can perform a variety of surgeries on noses of all different sizes and shapes. Most who complain about a small nose say it is because their nasal bridge is too short. This can often cause the nostrils to turn up in a “pig snout” fashion. A nose that is too small can also be the result of a previous, overaggressive rhinoplasty procedure. Whatever the reason for your tiny nose, a procedure known as “derotation” can solve these issues in no time.

Derotation for a Beautiful Face

If you are considering a rhinoplasty procedure to lengthen your nose, there are a few things you should know about derotation:

  • Derotiation effectively lengthens the nose by increasing the nasolabial angle.
  • During the procedure, if it is necessary your nasal tip will also be turned downward.
  • A derotation procedure can make your nose more proportional, and make your nostrils less prominent.
  • Derotation is sometimes also known as “counter rotation” but the terms refer to the same procedure.
  • Because this procedure is highly specialized, choosing the right surgeon could make a big difference in the success of your results.

Experience is Key

As stated above, a Queens rhinoplasty procedure of this nature will likely require a highly trained specialist. The derotation technique often times requires the surgeon to perform what is known as an “open” procedure. This means that the incisions are made on the outside of the nose. Also, tissue grafting is frequently needed in order to sculpt a bigger nose out of one that is originally smaller. Because of the slightly higher risks associated with this technique, being in the best hands will assure you have the smoothest experience possible. There are always risks to surgery, but a majority of procedures go so smoothly you’re sure to experience nothing short of amazing results.

Make the Call Today

Not all of us who dislike our nose feel that way for the same reasons. If you are dissatisfied by your small, upturned nose there is absolutely a solution out there. Discussing derotation and rhinoplasty with an experienced board certified cosmetic surgeon will give you the confidence you need to put your best face forward. In the right hands, your rhinoplasty procedure will make your nose and profile exceptional no matter how big (or small) your worries may be.

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