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Summary: A new tool is allowing doctors to perform liposuction with more precision than ever before.


The geniuses behind SmartLipo products are at it again, and this time they are being more innovative than ever. The Cynosure team invented SmartLipo laser-assisted lipolysis to help create a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures are all the rage right now, and Cynosure provides the best tools for the job. A SmartLipo procedure disrupts fat cells through a thermal and photodisruptive action. The laser coagulates the underlying blood vessels and the result is less bleeding, bruising, and trauma to the area as well as less down time compared to traditional liposuction alone. A safer choice than traditional cosmetic procedures, the SmartLipo line has helped doctors across the world provide patients with gorgeous results.

We are happy to spotlight Detroit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mark Berkowitz for this innovated approach to body contouring. For more information on SmartLipo Triplex including photos and procedure descriptions go to

smartlipo triplex


The SmartLipo Triplex is ideal for both smaller and larger fat deposits so it can work on a number of patients. The system also works for tissue tightening, and helps create faster procedure times. Fibrous areas or secondary liposuction cases are a breeze with the SmartLipo system and the adipose specific technology works to aid high definition procedures. SmartLipo’s Triplex is a new laser lipolysis workstation that helps with the smallest details of liposuction. The Triplex platform offers a solid state Nd:YAG laser capable of emitting laser radiation in three wavelengths: 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm. The twist is that these versatile wavelengths can be used independently or they can be uniquely blended together using our MultiPlex™ technology.

The new and improved Smartlipo Triplex design also includes:

  • A 2x larger display, which makes it easier to read the numbers accurately
  • An easier to use software interface… think simplification!
  • Longer lasting ThermaGuide design which means you won’t have to replace your machine as often.


The SmartLipo Triplex system is the first multiplex triple wavelength laser lipolysis workstation of its kind. The machine is designed to treat any and all body contouring concerns. A major advancement to the field of medical technology, the SmartLipo Triplex uses a combination of lasers in order to perform precision-like liposuction. This never-before technology is making cosmetic surgery safer for the patient and easier for the surgeon. With a reliable, controlled energy delivery and high-definition sculpting capabilities there is no question that the SmartLipo Triplex system is the best new product on the market.


The SmartLipo Triplex system is available now. The latest generation of laser lipolysis workstations is available to purchase for use by any board certified cosmetic surgeon. SmartLipo has several tried-and-true products and for several years it has trusted by many surgeons around the world. The newest, most innovative product by the SmartLipo team includes this Triplex system which has everyone in the plastic surgery community excited. The best thing about technology is that it is constantly updating and continuously advancing. This is a major benefit when it comes to the field of medicine because it means that we are constantly being provided with the most up-to-date, safe products.

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  1. Any time you can reduce bleeding significantly you open the door to feeling much safer about considering the procedure !

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