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Summary: Word on the street is that Snooki has gotten a boob job. Now, whether Snooki gets a boob job or not isn’t really any of our business, but she has been pretty open about it with everyone. That means that we can spend a little bit of time discussing her motivations—and how you might be able to relate to those motivations if you’re looking into a breast augmentation yourself.

The Front Page: Snooki Gets a Boob Job

So, it’s finally happened: that thing we’ve all been waiting for. Snooki has gotten a boob job. It’s true. She released a video about it. She’s been talking to the press about it. You can mark it in your calendar, maybe celebrate it every year around this time.

Look, we have no doubt that Snooki’s breast augmentation is, in fact, a pretty big deal for her. Women who undergo a breast augmentation procedure usually report a wide variety of benefits, from increased self-esteem and confidence to the wider availability of fitting clothes.

It’s likely that Snooki is enjoying at least some of these benefits, and we applaud her for it. Because Snooki is being open about her breast augmentation and we aren’t relying on innuendo and rumor, we can talk a little bit about her motivations here. Because here’s the thing: that Snooki got a breast augmentation is not necessarily a big deal for anyone but Snooki. But she has grappled with many of the same questions that other breast augmentation candidates struggle with—and those questions are worth talking about.

Breast Augmentation and Kids

Known by her proper name as Nicole Polizzi, “Snooki” has been in the public consciousness for a good long while now. Despite that, she seems to have gone on to have a fairly normal life (whatever that means). According to interviews she’s given, the plan was to wait until after she was done having kids before getting a breast augmentation.

Many women are faced with that same dilemma: have the breast augmentation before kids (and risk having the results compromised by pregnancy and childbirth) or wait until your family is done growing (without ever really knowing for certain whether a “surprise” is right around the corner).

Snooki decided to get the breast augmentation now even though she might have more children in the future. According to the article, her thinking was that she was in her prime right now—it’s best to enjoy it. That logic is difficult to argue with.

Many women attempting to “time” their breast augmentation will consider the following:

  • Family planning: when to have kids
  • Career considerations
  • Taking time off work: it’s not always easy to take a week or two off of work
  • The recovery process: it’s important to know how long recovery will take
  • Financial considerations: Having the necessary finances in place is key for the timing of a breast augmentation
  • Many patients often describe a sensation of “feeling like the time is right

Deciding when to get your breast augmentation is always an incredibly personal decision.

How Big to Get Them

Snooki also mentioned that she opted for implants that would give her a C-cup chest. Now, this might run counter to what’s normally intuited about breast augmentation: isn’t the point to go as big as possible? Well, not really. The point is to go with the size you want—not the size you have.

In fact, in some cases, people might not even notice your transition. Many women have achieved an “augmented” look by using a push-up bra or by adding padding (or even by using “contouring” makeup techniques). So, for many women, it’s all about achieving that look with, you know, the actual body instead of with a fancy bra.

When women think about the size that they want, they will often consider the following:

  • The overall size of the current chest (and how that might change)
  • The proportion between the bust, the hips, and the waist
  • The way that clothing fits
  • The added weight that comes with breast implants
  • The shape of the breasts
  • The intended incision/surgical method associated with the augmentation
  • The material of the breast implant itself

As with the timing of the breast augmentation procedure, there’s a lot of this that comes down to personal preference and personal desires. The most important person in this equation is, of course, the patient.

Finding a Surgeon Who Will Honor Your Desires

Most surgeons will attempt to balance your desires with what’s best for your body. In many cases, those two things go hand in hand. In other cases, there might be some careful compromising involved. The point, however, is that you should be satisfied when all is said and done.

Indeed, if we take nothing else away from Snooki’s breast augmentation at this point, it should be to hope that she is happy with her results. Being happy with those results, essentially, makes the whole thing worth it!

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