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how to make your hands look younger

Summary: Solutions for wrinkled hands might seem hard to come by. That’s because the hands are sensitive (and, well, useful). But a procedure known as a hand lift can actually help you eliminate some of that excess skin that’s known for causing lines and wrinkles in the hands. This can lead to smoother, more youthful looking hands. And while they might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to looking younger, it’s important to know this: your hands are almost always visible and exposed.

Finding Good Solutions for Wrinkled Hands

When people think about getting rid of wrinkles, they often first imagine a facelift. But your face isn’t the only place you’ll get wrinkles. Indeed, many plastic surgery patients complain about significant wrinkles and lines developing on their hands. So wouldn’t it be nice if there was a facelift for your hands?

Known as a “hand lift,” this procedure does exist. Wrinkles and lines on the hands can be diminished in one of two ways: hand surgery or with the use of dermal filler injections.

Once the treatment is performed, the hands will usually look significantly more youthful. That may not seem like a significant accomplishment—but you’d be surprised how often you use your hands. And your hands are often quite visible. This means that, in many interactions, your hands are representing you just as much as your face is. That’s why solutions for wrinkled hands are so popular. Let’s take a look at how they work.

Why Do People Want Wrinkles Treatments for Hands?

The hands can get really wrinkly really quickly. It’s simply an artifact of human anatomy. The skin around the hands tends to be quite thin—which makes sense because you want your hands to be as sensitive as possible. The downside is that imperfections and wrinkles tend to be more visible.

Additionally, as you age, you’re going to develop some excess skin. This excess skin will essentially just help to create more lines and wrinkles in your hands. Often, these lines and wrinkles can develop more quickly in the hands than elsewhere on the body.

This can lead to patients feeling as though their hands appear too old compared to the rest of their bodies. It can be an exasperating feeling, especially because the hands are so exposed throughout the day. Whether you know it or not, you always see them and you’re always looking at them.

Ways to Treat Hands

When hands begin to look more aged than they should, there are usually two distinct issues at work: thin skin and excess skin. (Funny enough, you can have an excess amount of thin skin, so the issues are not mutually exclusive, even though at first glance they might feel that way.)

  • To Treat Thin Skin: In many cases, this treatment can be accomplished non surgically. The problem with thin skin is that you can see through it—the thinner your skin is, the more transparent it becomes. That’s why many cosmetic surgeons will recommend dermal filler injections in the hands. Now, you can’t just use any old dermal filler. When it comes to the hands, smaller hyaluronic-acid based molecules are ideal, so you’ll want to stick to fillers of that type. The results will not be permanent—you’ll have to get regular maintenance injections to ensure the results stick around.
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  • To Treat Excess Skin: In cases where the patient has too much skin, causing all kinds of wrinkles and lines, surgery may be the only option. That’s because the hand is quite delicate. So getting the results you want—smoother, younger looking skin—is going to take just the right incisions. Most surgeons that provide hand lift options will know precisely how best to accomplish this for you. Once your hand lift is complete, the results will be effectively permanent (that is, your hands will still get wrinkles and lines eventually, but you’ll have been given something of a reset).

What Do You Want Your Hands to Look Like?

If you’re looking for solutions for wrinkled hands, it’s probably because you want your hands to look, well, smooth. You want your hands to look more youthful. That’s understandable. But knowing the how and the why can be a useful step in getting the results you’re after.

Because the hands do tend to be quite delicate, taking the time to find a highly qualified hand surgeon—someone who specializes in treating the hands—is never a bad idea. It could be that your regular plastic surgeon is up to the task, but it never hurts to shop around.

Staying Youthful from Head to Toe

Ultimately, hand surgery (or a hand lift) is not going to be for everybody. And every single wrinkle cannot be mitigated. However, for some people that want solutions for wrinkled hands, a hand lift (whether surgical or non surgical) is going to be a great way to get results.

Hand lift procedures can help you look (and therefore feel) more youthful, radiant, and energized. If you’re tired of the lines and wrinkles on your hands, there’s definitely something you can do about it. Talk to your surgeon about hand surgery!

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