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Summary: So there you are: it’s the day after your breast augmentation, and you can’t wait to see the results you’ve been looking forward to for so long. As you lay in bed waiting for the bandages to come off, you think to yourself, now what?

The good news is, you’ll notice an immediate change in your appearance right away after breast augmentation. However, the question of how long you’ll have to wait to see your final results is a bit more complicated.

The Healing Process after Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation normally takes 6 months to completely heal. Incisions will be healed long before this, and you won’t feel sore for a full 6 months either. But from the moment you wake up in the recovery room to the time you see your new look does take approximately this long.

The 6-month healing period after breast augmentation accounts not just for the swelling around your breasts to go down, but also for the time it takes the breast implants to settle, a process sometimes called “dropping and fluffing.” Implants are typically placed strategically in your body in a way that allows them to gradually conform and fit in with your particular shape. Often, this means that your implants will be placed higher than expected so they can slowly ease into a natural position.

Other Aspects of Healing after Breast Implants

In addition to waiting for implants to drop and fluff, feelings of tingling or numbness around the nipples are also common in the days, weeks and even months following your breast augmentation. These feelings may come and go while you’re healing, but will dissipate as the nerves in your breasts regenerate.

Itchiness around your breasts that results from the tightening of your skin can also occur while your body is adjusting and healing. Feeling a little itchy is also a normal part of your body getting used to your new breasts and will subside with time.

Feeling a little uncomfortable is completely normal after your breast augmentation, but you should make sure to let your cosmetic surgeon know if you experience any significant concerns.

What Can I Do to Help the Healing Process?

The most important thing you can do after your breast augmentation is follow your cosmetic surgeon’s advice. This may include wearing a support bra, taking medicine to aid in your healing and having regular follow-ups.

Make sure to eat well and take it easy for the first few days. Be sure to talk to your surgeon before resuming exercise or other physical activities.

To help the settling process of your new implants, you may choose to begin massaging your breasts around 2 weeks after the procedure. For the best information on when you should begin or what benefits you can receive from massaging after your breast augmentation, you should ask your cosmetic surgeon. Not all cosmetic surgeons agree on the helpfulness of massage, so your own surgeon will have the best plan available for your personal needs.

Some women also have concerns about the possibility of stretch marks arising after breast augmentation. While stretch marks are possible, they are not common. To ensure that the skin around your breasts stays as healthy as possible, make sure you stay well-moisturized and hydrated both while you heal and beyond. As an added bonus, regularly moisturizing can also help alleviate any itchiness you may feel as your skin adjusts to your body’s new shape.

By following your cosmetic surgeon’s advice and staying as patient as possible, you’ll find that the final results you’ll see after your breast augmentation are well worth waiting for.

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