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Finding Out What Your State’s Most Google Plastic Surgery Procedure Is

Every once in a while you see these lists (or maps) where popular search trends in the state are broken down and listed out. Little did we know there existed such a map for plastic surgery! That’s why we’re digging into the data to figure out what your state’s most Googled plastic surgery procedure is!

Now, we want to make sure we’re giving credit to for conducting this little exercise. And we do want to make sure we emphasize that this is not a survey. These data have not been collected in any sort of scientific or systematic way. (But out of respect for them we’re not going to post the map they created here.)

Instead, the map was created using Google’s popular feature, Trends And that’s important to note because all of the data come from Google. And as such, Google is the ultimate arbiter of these data. Still, that doesn’t stop us from taking away a few insights and learning something along the way.

Some Surprising Results

When we look at this map, there are definitely some surprising results. Let’s go down the list:

  • Coolsculpting everywhere: One of the most popular searched procedures in many states is Coolsculpting. Frankly, the search term is much more popular across the United States than I was expecting.
  • Labiaplasty makes an appearance: I’ll be honest, for as much controversy as there is around this procedure, I wasn’t expecting labiaplasty to be the most popular search term in any state. Along with Butt Implants, labiaplasty makes the top of the list in at least a few different states.
  • Lack of breast procedures: When it comes to plastic surgery, breast augmentation (and other breast enhancement procedures) are usually near the top of the popularity charts. But they’re nowhere to be found on this particular chart.

That last result—the one about breast procedures—just might highlight a few of the problems with this particular graphic. First and foremost, non surgical cosmetic procedures, such as Botox and Coolsculpting are always going to be more popular (at least in terms of searches) than any surgical procedure.

There are several reasons for this. Surgery tends to be more expensive. And surgery also requires a significant recovery period, which scares some people away. So this graphic is giving us absolute numbers instead of relative numbers—and it’s making no distinction between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.

Popularity Varies by State

However, one thing this graph shows us is that popular procedures tend to vary from state to state. In fact, ask any plastic surgeon and they’ll tell you that popular procedures will vary from city to city. A tummy tuck in Houston is going to be incredibly popular due to its proximity to the beach (year round). But a facelift in Dallas might be the number one procedure. (I should note that I haven’t actually researched these numbers—it’s just an example.)

Which Procedures are the Most Googled?

Okay, this is why you’re here, right? You want to know which states Googled what procedure. Let’s break it down just a little bit (we’re not going to go through every single state, but we will highlight some of the interesting ones):

  • California – Chin implants
  • Texas – Lower Body Lift
  • Florida – Neck lift
  • Missouri – Butt Implants
  • Minnesota – Dermabrasion
  • New York – Male breast reduction
  • Maine – Botox
  • Illinois – Lip Implants

As you can see, there’s a nice spread of various types of procedures. But most of them tend to favor those non surgical, cosmetic procedures we mentioned earlier. Certainly, there are several reasons for this: people might not know as much about these procedures.

And people might be less certain that they actually work—so they take to Google to get answers. One thing is for sure: these searches do not necessarily translate into actual interest.

Sometimes We Should Ignore Trends

What’s important with plastic surgery is how you feel about any given procedure. Most patients are discouraged from seeking out “trendy” procedures just because they happen to be trendy. If you want a Brazilian Butt Lift because you think it will help you feel confident that’s one thing. If you want it because it’s popular, that’s another.

All of which is generally covered in a consultation with your surgeon. That said, there’s definitely truth to the fact that some procedures are more popular than others depending where you live. That shouldn’t be too shocking. But it’s still nice to see the data—even simple Google trends data—laid out in an easy to read little map.

What is your state’s most Googled plastic surgery procedure? Take a look. It probably won’t be the one you think.

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