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Summary: We’re starting a Super Bowl plastic surgery watch this weekend because celebrities are definitely going to be hitting the streets of Minneapolis for the big game. And any time celebs are out in public like that, people are taking pictures and making big assumptions. Sometimes those assumptions are about plastic surgery procedures–and that’s how rumors get started. That’s why we’ll be on the lookup for those rumors, looking to debunk what crops up.

This Year’s Super Bowl Plastic Surgery Watch

If there’s one thing that the Super Bowl brings out (other than, you know, football fans), it’s celebrities. That’s why we’re instituting a kind of Super Bowl plastic surgery watch. Here’s what we’re expecting to happen: some celebrity will make an appearance at a Super Bowl event or party, and that celebrity will look slightly different than usual.

It’s always the celebrities that look just a little bit different that end up being the topic of rumor and innuendo. Usually those rumors circle around the idea that this celebrity ended up getting plastic surgery.

You find this kind of thing happens all the time at big events. It doesn’t even need to be the Super Bowl or the Oscars or the Grammys or whatever. Any celebrity at any event can be susceptible to this kind of rumor mill. So we’re really watching for two things during our Super Bowl plastic surgery watch: actual plastic surgery and the same old rumors.

Celebrities and Plastic Surgery Rumors

Not everyone wants to be completely up front about his or her plastic surgery. That’s not true only of celebrities. It’s true of plastic surgery patients generally speaking. Some patients are going to want to talk about their procedures (sometimes quite a lot). Other patients are going to be content to let the results speak for themselves (or whisper for themselves, depending on the procedure).

That’s because there are two basic approaches to aesthetic plastic surgery:

  • Making subtle aesthetic changes. These changes are often hard to notice on their own, but they make a big difference in the overall appearance of the patient. A procedure such as blepharoplasty or Botox injections would be a good example of this. Even a procedure such as a breast lift might make the list of “subtle” changes. It all depends on the patient.
  • Creating significant transformations: This is what we’re more accustomed to thinking of as what plastic surgery does. This could mean something such as a significant breast augmentation (though, more and more breast augmentation patients are opting for smaller implants). Or it could be something like a tummy tuck or total facelift. These types of procedures will definitely get people’s attention–but sometimes that’s the point!

Because celebrities are, you know, people, they go through changes. That makes it very tempting to look at one celebrity’s changed face (or different makeup scheme) and wonder if that’s a plastic surgery transformation instead. that’s how rumors get started.

Plastic Surgery and the Super Bowl

And we won’t be surprised if some of those rumors get started around the this year’s Super Bowl. It’s going to be a big event. There are going to be tons of people there and, thus, tons of cameras. You may not typically think of Minneapolis as a hub for plastic surgery–but it turns out, the area has a pretty good reputation for just that.

The board certified plastic surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, for example, are some of the most widely recognized in the area, with a stellar reputation. And it’s certainly possible that some celebrities will come to Minnesota for the plastic surgery options available in the state.

But they won’t be popping in for a nip and tuck right before gametime. Almost all plastic surgery procedures require a significant recovery period. So if you wanted to be ready for kick off, as it were, you’d likely have to plan your procedure weeks or months in advance. Of course, it depends on the procedure:

  • Some non surgical procedures, such as dermal filler injections, tend to show immediate results (these procedures are available from the Minneapolis Anti Aging and Skin Clinic, owned by the surgeons mentioned above).
  • Procedures such as breast lift or breast augmentation usually require one or two months of recovery in order to achieve essentially “finalized” results
  • Some procedures require a significantly longer recovery: tummy tuck can take two to three months of recovery
  • In the case of rhinoplasty, it could take anywhere between 6 and 12 months for swelling to recede completely and your results to “finalize”

Again, much will depend on your procedure (and the rate your body heals). But it’s wise to give yourself at least a few months of recovery before making your public “reveal.” Which means that if any celeb did have plastic surgery for the Super Bowl, that surgery likely took place months ago.

We Probably Shouldn’t Speculate

I’ll close by simply saying, unless a celebrity has confirmed a plastic surgery procedure, it would be nice if we refrained from speculating too much. If someone wants to confirm a procedure, then that’s one thing. But let’s not assume that every celebrity who has puffy eyes has gotten work done.

That said, we know it’s going to happen. That’s why we’ll be on Super Bowl plastic surgery watch this weekend, ready to debunk the rumors that start swirling.

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