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Summary: Kybella is still relatively new. So surprising Kybella questions tend to pop up all the time. Getting answers to those questions can be tricky. Of course, the best place for answers is always going to be your medical spa or cosmetic surgeon. But there’s no harm in doing a little bit of research beforehand, right? Getting answers to those surprising Kybella questions can help set you on the right course!

Some Surprising Kybella Questions

Because it’s relatively new–and quite potent–it’s not surprising that we’d be fielding some surprising Kybella questions these days. People want answers to those issues that will specifically affect them. And that’s completely understandable. The absolute best place to get those answers is going to be from your cosmetic surgeon or medical spa.

That’s because we do not intend this blog to be taken as medical advice! If you have pressing questions, talk to your surgeon. That said, we’re going to take a look at some of the more surprising Kybella questions that we’ve received since this new injectable was unveiled a couple of years ago.

Many of these questions apply to weather and behavior. People mostly just want to make sure they’re going to get the most bang for their buck, and that’s understandable. Even though it is less expensive than liposuction, Kybella is still an investment–and it’s understandable that patients would want to get as much out of that investment as possible. That feeling might be even more profound because what Kybella claims to do–shrink the double chin with a few injections–sounds almost too good to be true.

My Chin is Still There? Does That Mean Kybella Didn’t Work?

The answer to this question is going to depend on when you’re asking it. So let’s break it down that way:

  • If you’re asking right after your injection: It’s likely that Kybella is still working, only slowly. Kybella in many ways mimics your body’s own fat dissolution process–which means it can be quite slow. In some cases, it can take weeks or months before you see your final Kybella results. It’s natural to be a little antsy in the meantime. But if it hasn’t been six months yet, it’s hard to know whether the Kybella has worked.
  • If it’s been six months since your injection: If you received your Kybella injection more than six months ago and you still haven’t noticed any results, then it’s likely your injection didn’t work. There are all kinds of reasons that this might happen: perhaps your double chin is composed mostly of excess skin and not excess fat. Also, some people just don’t respond to Kybella in the expected way. It’s hard to know–though it’s worth noting that Kybella works for the vast majority of people.

Can I Get Kybella During a Cold Winter?

On some intuitive level, it makes sense that people would be worried about the cold. Imagine getting a dermal filler injection only to have the filler itself freeze under your skin because the weather outside is so cold! Of course, that doesn’t happen–your body is far too good at regulating its own temperature to really have to worry about something like that.

Kybella is like other injectables in that it should be stored within a certain temperature range, but once it’s injected, temperature within normal human tolerance will have little impact. That said, extreme cold could constrict your blood flow–limiting the intentional spread of a Kybella injection. The opposite is true of extreme heat, as your blood vessels might expand. In general, these “extreme” temperature ranges are quite difficult to achieve even if you’re trying. But many patients are still counseled to avoid vigorous exercise for a day or two after the injections in order to maintain the best control possible.

In nearly all cases, patients don’t need to worry about the weather–just continue with their normal, daily lives after a Kybella injection.

How Long Will the Kybella be in My System?

This is a good question, but it somewhat misunderstands what Kybella is and how it operates. The Kybella in your system will, of course, break down over time. But it’s important to remember that Kybella is a synthetic version of something called Deoxycholic Acid. Now, that might sound somewhat intimidating, but Deoxycholic Acid is actually completely natural. It’s a compound that is found in your body.

And what does this compound do? It breaks down fat! Kybella is composed of a synthetic version of this chemical. That means that Kybella is virtually identical to what’s found in your body. The only difference is that Kybella is manufactured in a lab. The important part is that your body responds to Kybella essentially the same way that it does to your natural Deoxycholic Acid: it breaks down fat.

When Can I Get Kybella?

For some people, Kybella will only take one appointment. Others might require several sessions in order to achieve your desired final results. So if you’re thinking about Kybella–or if you have more surprising Kybella questions–it’s important to contact your cosmetic surgeon or medical spa right away.

That’s always the best place to get answers to surprising Kybella questions, especially because those answers tend to be focused, then, on you.

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