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Summary: Liposuction has a reputation for being heavy-handed. But that’s not the reality these days. Liposuction, and the many variations on the procedure that use lasers or ultrasound targeting, is being used to achieve subtle changes that leave you looking and feeling more youthful. So while you might be used to thinking of liposuction as a procedure that targets a prodigious amount of belly fat, consider selecting some unconventional targets for better results.

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Procedure of Mass Suction

When you think of liposuction, you might think of it as a massive procedure, designed to remove a significant amount of fat, usually from around the belly area. In this way, it was kind of a weapon of mass destruction—in the history of liposuction, it was pretty easy to destroy fat, but only in a bulk kind of way. However, with the advent of innovations such as laser assisted or ultrasound targeted liposuction, the procedure has become much more subtle and much more capable.

Select Your Target

These days, people are using liposuction in new and innovative ways. A large portion of liposuction procedures are now performed in a shorter amount of time, are much less invasive, and target specific areas. People are seeking out this type of liposuction in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles—you name it. So what can you target?

The neck can sometimes have an excess amount of fat, leading to an undesired appearance, especially as we age. Liposuction in the neck removes the excess fat (though, it doesn’t remove any excess skin). So, if your skin still has some elasticity, it can produce a dramatically more youthful result.

We all dread “cankles,” right? That thing that happens when your calves and your ankles become indistinguishable? Many use liposuction to target that area. It’s important, of course, to have a surgeon who can gracefully sculpt a natural looking segue between your leg and your ankle.

Sometimes our arms can accumulate a disproportionate amount of fat. In such cases, liposuction can return proportionality to your arms, emphasizing the tone and slenderness that was already there. If you have a significant amount of excess skin, you may want to schedule an arm lift as well.

Under Arm
While this effects both men and women, the latter seem to be particularly susceptible to that little pocket of fat that forms around the underarm (it could be, too, that women’s styles more often expose that area). This is another area that is often targeted for liposuction, and produces great results.

Consult With Your Doc

Of course, you’ll always want to consult with your plastic surgeon before planning your procedure. And your plastic surgeon will let you know how long you should expect to spend with your recovery. Some liposuction procedures are advertised as short-term engagements—the so called “lunch hour lipo.” But some procedures will require more downtime.

So don’t be afraid of liposuction. You could finally get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat you’ve been working on for ages, wherever they are.

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