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Summary: Sometimes the celebrities get all the headlines, but for kind of the right reasons. A reality tv-star had a butt lift and breast augmentation, but these are great procedures that help many women achieve more balanced proportions.

The Teen Mom Butt Lift in the News

We tend to view the body in terms of proportion. The upper half of the body should look proportionate to the lower half, and in certain ways. At least, that’s the idea. The truth is that human bodies are so varies that any conception of “beauty” is, of course, completely arbitrary. And yet, there are certain expectations. So it’s not surprising that many people around the world look to change their proportions in order to bring them into alignment with popular notion of beauty—there are, after all, a great many benefits to doing so.

When celebrities do this, it tends to get widely reported. That’s certainly the case with Teen Mom 3 star Briana DeJesus, who was recently reported to have undergone a breast augmentation as well as a Brazilian butt lift procedure. That DeJesus chose these two procedures over others is, perhaps, not surprising. After all, the two areas where women can have an impact on their overall proportions are the bust and the rear end. In fact, when we talk about proportions, those are perhaps the two areas where women tend to incur the most focus and attention (and they’re two areas that are substantially difficult to treat with exercise. In that way, a teen mom butt lift really does make sense.

Changing Your Proportions with Breast Augmentation

In any “idealized” form, the chest will have a certain proportion to the rear end. This is reflected not only in idea of beauty but also ideas of normalcy: clothes, for example, are designed with a certain hip-to-bust ratio in mind. This can make things exceptionally difficult for women who have a smaller bust. Not that long ago, we wrote about Iggy Azalea’s breast augmentation, which she underwent for precisely that reason. Having more “idealized” proportions certainly help in other ways, too, increasing confidence and self-esteem in a wide variety of patients.

In most cases, those proportions are achieved by increasing the size of the breasts. These days, most breast enlargement procedures are achieved either through silicone breast implants or through Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation procedures.

Changing Your Proportions with Butt Lift Procedures

The other way to change your proportions is through a butt augmentation procedure, such as a Brazilian Butt Lift. This procedure, essentially takes fat from one place on the body (where it isn’t wanted) and places it in the rear end (where it is wanted). It’s especially helpful for patients who want a larger, rounder buttock area because that can be quite difficult to achieve through diet and exercise. The fat injections from a Brazilian Butt Lift offer patients a result that look incredibly natural will be effectively permanent.

This means patients will be able to enjoy a more even proportion even if they weren’t, necessarily, born with the type of proportion they wanted.

It All Starts With Liposuction

While these procedures are often advertised as non-surgical, both fat graft breast augmentation and Brazilian Butt Lift procedures begin with liposuction. And this is true across the country. From Los Angeles to New York liposuction is the first step in any fat graft procedure. The fat will then be purified before it’s injected, of course, but it’s important to remember that the fat comes from somewhere: from you.

In a way, that is what makes it such a perfect donor material. There’s no danger of allergic reaction or anything like that. Additionally, the liposuction gives the plastic surgeon another chance to contour your body and your proportions in a way that you desire. This, of course, will increase the potency of any Butt Lift or breast augmentation procedure you want performed.

The Benefits of Loving Your Proportions

There are, of course, many benefits to loving your proportions. While the teen mom butt lift headlines may get the most attention, the reality is that there are many women who benefit from these procedures and from the feelings that follow. Most patients report an increase in quality of life, including a boost to self esteem and self confidence. It’s really about getting the body they’ve always wanted. Often times butt lift and breast augmentation procedures get written off as frivolous or as a way to exaggerate proportions.

But in many cases, it’s about achieving the proportions you’ve always wanted, balanced proportions, when your biology simply hasn’t cooperated up to that point. Liposuction combined with breast augmentation or butt lift, whether you’re a famous reality-television teen mom or not, can help you look and feel great.

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