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chrissy teigen's plastic surgery joke

Summary: It probably surprised her more than anyone that someone took Chrissy Teigen’s plastic surgery joke and ran with it. She was at a conference, being sarcastic about how much work she’d had done—and a few gossip sites took her way too seriously. The problem is that we sometimes don’t think too critically about celebrity plastic surgery rumors. This article is designed to change that!

Using Chrissy Teigen’s Plastic Surgery Joke to Learn

Maybe it’s because many people don’t know a whole lot about plastic surgery that explains why Chrissy Teigen’s plastic surgery joke was taken a little too seriously. At a recent event with beauty journalists, Teigen remarked that people tend to think her cheeks are cosmetic implants. Teigen then sarcastically mentioned that her cheeks are real, but everything else is fake.

In what should have been a clear indicator of her joke, Teigen even mentioned that she had undergone an “armpit” liposuction procedure and that she had a couple of inches added to the length of her arms. Both of these procedures are fanciful, at best. Yet, there were plenty of gossip outlets that were ran with the story.

That’s not entirely uncommon, and it does help explain where some celebrity plastic surgery rumors come from. And it can also help us figure out a way to steel ourselves against other celebrity plastic surgery rumors. All we have to do is ask a few critical questions.

Is the Procedure a Real Procedure?

One of the first critical questions you should ask about any new celebrity plastic surgery rumor is about the procedure itself: is the procedure real? Obviously, if the celebrity supposedly had a procedure that doesn’t actually exist, that should raise some red flags about the rumor.

Modern plastic surgery, however, is quite adept at giving patients what they want. And because modern surgeons are so versatile, it becomes difficult to know whether something really is outside the bounds of possibility. There are, after all, plenty of procedures that are normal today that would have been outlandish ten years ago (Kybella or Brazilian Butt Lift among them).

However, the more “uncommon” a procedure sounds, the more likely it is to simply be an unfounded rumor. Now, this is just a rule of thumb—certainly there are exceptions. But it’s not a bad place to start.

Is the Procedure Surgical or Non Surgical?

There are many non surgical cosmetic procedures available these days. These are not the same thing as plastic surgery. Getting Botox is not the same thing as getting a facelift. Indeed, there are many non surgical procedures that can get subtle results so that patients don’t have to undergo weeks of recovery.

The reason why celebrities (among others) like these procedures is that they can be in and out. For example:

  • Kybella: This is an injectable that can eliminate unwanted fat from around the jawline. The end result is a jaw that looks more athletic and the elimination of the double chin. Kybella Injections usually don’t take more than a few minutes to perform.
  • Non Surgical Nose Job: This procedure uses an injectable to add volume to the nose. Usually, the injectable is one dermal filler or another (often used also to remove lines and wrinkles from the face). The end result is a change in the actual shape of the nose, without the need for surgery.
  • Lip injections: When you want bigger lips but you don’t want to undergo a fat graft procedure, lip injections might be the answer. This procedure (again, using dermal fillers) can improve the size and shape of your lips.

So if you see celebrities that have a slightly different nose, or slightly larger lips, it might be because they’ve undergone one of these non surgical procedures.

Can You Get the Same Results with Makeup?

It’s also worth noting that celebrities have access to world class make-up artists. They also have a staggering ability to control when they have their pictures taken—and where those pictures can be distributed. In other words, you need to ask yourself this question: could it just be makeup?

If the “huge change” in whatever celebrity can be chalked up to make-up, then it’s a good bet that’s all it is. There’s also the possibility that this “huge change” is because the make-up itself has changed (or disappeared). This is especially true when you can’t quite place what the major change has been—you just notice that something is different.

Indeed, modern make-up techniques can be used to:

  • Make the breasts appear larger
  • Change the appearance of the eyes (both in size and shape)
  • Change the appearance of the nose
  • Make the lips look larger or rounder

And more. Modern makeup can accomplish astonishing transformations.

Let Celebrity Plastic Surgery News Come to You

While Chrissy Teigen’s plastic surgery joke certainly got a little out of hand (through no fault of hers), that’s probably because there’s such an appetite for celebrity plastic surgery news stories. Sometimes that appetite can get the better of us.

But the Chrissy Teigen plastic surgery joke teaches us that maybe—just maybe—we should let the celebrity plastic surgery news come to us instead. After all, there are many celebrities who are perfectly open about the procedures they’ve had done. It might be wiser for us to be patient and let celebrities come to us.

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