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Summary: Facelift and Botox procedures are very different, and yet, it seems as though they’re in constant competition. It turns out, though, that both Botox injections and facelift surgery tend to serve two very different audiences. How do you know which one is best for you? That will depend on your reasons for getting facelift or Botox.

Should I Get Facelift or Botox?

Both Facelift and Botox procedures have something to offer. That’s great for patients, as they have more choices than ever before. But this amount of choice has also caused some confusion: should I get a facelift or Botox? Which one is going to be better for my maintaining my youthful visage?

It’s a good question, and it’s one that’s difficult to answer on a general basis. Your surgeons will, of course, have their recommendations. And that’s a good thing (we do not intend this article to be medical advice; instead, it’s intended to offer general cosmetic surgery information). Because facelift and Botox both offer something different, it can be challenging to know which one you should choose.

What Are the Advantages of Botox?

Let’s talk about Botox first, as it’s clearly the single most popular cosmetic surgery procedure on the planet. Botox injections are counted in the millions year after year. And that’s largely because there are several advantages to Botox:

  • Botox is quick and easy. You go in, get a few injections (or even just a single one), and go about your day.
  • There’s no recovery time associated with Botox. You can resume almost all of your normal daily activities (you may want to avoid vigorous sport for a day or so).
  • Botox can diminish specific lines and wrinkles–those signs of aging most often associated with muscle contractions. This means smile lines (or frown lines) and concentration lines can be effectively minimized by Botox injections.
  • Botox is temporary. If you don’t like the results, you can just wait for them to go away. Usually, Botox results will last between 4-6 months.
  • Botox injections–on an individual basis–are significantly less expensive than a surgical facelift procedure. At least, at first. The longer you have to pay for Botox injections (getting regular maintenance injections, for example), the closer the two procedures start to become in terms of pricing.
  • There’s some evidence to suggest that Botox might actually be able to prevent the formation of wrinkles in the first place. Of course, the extent to which Botox can succeed at that still remains to be seen.

There are plenty of reasons why Botox might be a good fit for you. Whether this is the way you want to take will most often depend on how you feel about surgery. Speaking of which, we should probably talk about facelift too.

The Advantages of Facelift

There are several advantages to undergoing a facelift procedure instead of (or in addition to) Botox. Some of those advantages include:

  • Facelift surgery is able to affect significantly more substantial transformations than injectables.
  • Facelift is able to eliminate and remove unwanted excess skin. This can often help make the face appear more youthful overall.
  • Modern facelift results are able to achieve very natural looking results.
  • There’s a significant amount of flexibility in modern facelift procedures. So surgeons are able to make substantial changes or more subtle ones–whichever one you want.

The single biggest advantage of facelift procedures is the ability to make substantial and permanent changes. It’s true, those changes come with a surgical recovery period. But for many patients–hundreds of thousands of patients a year–that recovery period is worth achieving the results.

Which procedure you choose to undergo will depend most significantly on your health, your goals, and your desire to undergo surgery. If you’re unsure, have a conversation with your surgeon about what your options might be.

About the author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for nearly five years. He’s always in touch with surgeons to make sure he has the latest and most up to date information possible.

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