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Summary: The Academy Awards are no stranger to glamor and ritzy shine. But just how much plastic surgery was at the Academy Awards this year?

Plastic Surgery at the Academy Awards

There was no shortage of glamor at last night’s Academy Awards show. The 88th Annual Academy Awards was, of course, big news, and it shouldn’t be shocking to read a long list of article dissecting the fashion and trends on display in Hollywood last night. However, discussions about clothing only scratch the surface. Undoubtedly, someone is going to start comparing photos of celebrities who were walking to red carpet last night to previous photos. It won’t be long before we see article after article talking about who got what procedure.

This got me thinking a lot about why we follow celebrity plastic surgery rumors so closely. Think about it—blog posts and articles and news stories about this celebrity or that getting Botox or breast augmentation are incredibly common. They come out almost once a day. So we must care about it. There must be an audience for it. Of course, there’s a difference between reporting the rumor and reflecting on the rumor (which is what we try to do here—using any rumors as an opportunity to start a discussion about procedures you might be interested in). But there’s no denying the audience out there for celebrity plastic surgery rumors. There might be a few reasons why.

No Body is Perfect

I think one of the primary reasons we care about celebrity plastic surgery rumors is because they make it okay for us to not be perfect. Many celebrities are revered for the way they look in addition to their acting/singing/etc. talent. As they are presented to us, the mass public, celebrities tend to look, well, perfect. But it takes a lot of work to look that way: make-up, Photoshop effects, and plastic or cosmetic surgery. When we know how much work goes into making that effect, we feel better about achieving it ourselves.

Because, according to various surveys by plastic surgery social network website RealSelf,com, most people don’t feel as though they have the perfect body. They might feel they have a body that’s mostly perfect—but there are usually one or two things potential patients want to change. This is normal, and it’s nice for us to know that celebrities, who seem so perfect, are in many ways just like us. It’s nice to know that they, too, have likely wanted to change something at one point or another.

The Inspiration of Work Well Done

I also think another reason we love hearing about celebrity plastic surgery and that’s because we want to be in the same boat. When we see a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck or a lip injection that has gone exceptionally well with great results, we feel like we can get those results too. In other words, the body of our dreams seems within our reach. Likewise, the ability to stop the hands of time. It feel like we can stay young just as long as celebrities can, and that can be a good feeling.

So if, for example, I’ve been thinking about getting a breast augmentation, and I see some celebrity’s excellent results, I feel like I can get those results too. According to the website of some of the best Minneapolis breast augmentation experts, this procedure is one that many women feel compelled to undergo after seeing the excellent results that other women get. In other words, seeing how great other people look increase the “worth it” quotient of the procedure. And that can help people start to imagine the possibilities of plastic and cosmetic procedures.

Getting Happy with Your Body

At the end of the day, celebrities generally get plastic surgery procedures for the same reasons we do: they want to feel comfortable and happy in their bodies. Yes, there are added career benefits (but that’s true for many of us as well), but the basic premise is the same. Plastic surgery, whether you’re a celebrity or not, is about getting a body you’re comfortable with, a body that matches your inner, “real self.” Yes, there’s a lot of baggage that might accompany that (that’s an article for a different time), but that’s what’s at the heart of the matter.

The nice thing—the really great thing—about celebrity plastic surgery procedures is that they show people what can be done, what can be accomplished, for them. In that way, we tend to look at celebrity plastic surgery procedures as something that can inspire us, even at the Academy Awards. Plastic surgery at the Academy Awards is an inspiration!

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