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how to get the best breast augmentation possible

Summary: Breast augmentation is a procedure that requires a lot of decisions. That is, you need to spend a lot of time deciding on issues such as size and shape. Thankfully, there are some ways you can help yourself increase the chances of being satisfied and happy with this procedure.

The Top Three ways to Make Sure You Get the Best Breast Augmentation Possible

When it comes to popular plastic surgery procedures, there are few that rival breast augmentation. As with any other procedure, it’s important that patients end up satisfied with their final results. And when it comes to breast augmentation there are some unfortunate pitfalls that can lead some patients to receive a less than satisfactory result.

But we’re here to help you get the best breast augmentation possible. Of course, our advise won’t necessarily guarantee that you get your desired final results. They’re meant as a kind of guide to getting the best breast augmentation possible—as a kind of fun fact sheet! Still, this advise could be useful, so let’s look at the three ways we’ve got on the list.

Tip #1: Select Your Surgeon Wisely

As should be a priority for any plastic surgery procedure you might eventually choose, finding a highly qualified plastic surgeon should be near the top of your list! The question, of course, is how exactly you go about doing that. Basically, what’s the best way to find a highly qualified plastic surgeon?

Well, there are actually a couple of ways you can accomplish this task. A basic checklist might look like this:

  • Ask to see recent before and after photos from patients who wanted results similar to your own
  • You can ask the surgeon for references from previous patients
  • You can also ask the surgeon what his or her policy on revision treatments is
  • Seek out patient review from Yelp, RealSelf, and other review aggregate sites
  • Ask many questions during your consultation with any potential surgeon; the more questions you ask, the better sense you’ll get as to the kind of surgeon you’re dealing with
  • Make sure to look closely at credentials to ensure your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon (if at all possible)

Choosing the right surgeon is half the battle here!

Tip #2: Follow Your Surgeon’s Recovery Instructions Closely

Sometimes we feel pretty good following surgery. That’s especially true with a sometimes minimally invasive procedure such as some forms of breast augmentation. And it’s also true once prescribed pain killers get into the mix. Modern pain medication is, after all, incredibly effective.

That means that it can feel as though you’re all better. And when you feel all better, you can sometimes make choices that are not the greatest—there have been more than a few patients who have gone out dancing the night of their surgery because they feel pretty good.

This is not a great idea. Your body hasn’t healed enough yet to be able to withstand heavily activity and that can sometimes lead to complications that impact your final results. After all, recovery is an incredibly important stage in the process. Most surgeons will give you detailed recovery instructions that are designed to safeguard your results and maximize your comfort. But it’s up to you to follow those instructions.

Tip #3: Choose Your Size Wisely

Breast augmentation is a somewhat unique procedure because it’s basically up to your preferences in terms of the size of implant you want. Your surgeon will, of course, have suggestions based on your frame and your proportions—but it’s up to you how closely you want to hew to those proportions.

That means it’s exceptionally important that you choose the size you want carefully. For some patients this is relatively easy—they know the size they want and they have known it for some time. For other patients, there is a trial process where you can try out (or try on) several different sizes.

Ultimately, patients that achieve the highest satisfaction from their breast augmentation procedures are those that end up with a size closest to what they were envisioning for themselves all along. In other words, you want to think about your size and final results quite carefully before committing. It’s always easier to change before the procedure than after!

Your Satisfaction is Paramount

It’s also, finally, worth noting that when it comes to breast augmentation procedures in particular, the most important opinion is your own. For a multitude of reasons, this procedure is a particularly fertile ground for the opinions of outside parties. Those opinions simply do not matter when compared to your own.

In other words, it’s important to emphasize your voice and your opinion in any type of breast augmentation procedure. After all, your happiness and your satisfaction are both the most important when it comes to the end results.

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