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Summary: These tips to find the right breast implant size may or may not involve some of the first decisions you make about your breast augmentation surgery. After all, deciding to undergo the surgery itself is a big decision! It doesn’t seem fair that you have to follow that up with several more decisions. But the reality is that the time you take to customize your breast augmentation results–and find the right breast implant size–will be well worth it in the long run.

Tips to Find the Right Breast Implant Size

Finding the right breast implant size can be a challenge, to put it mildly. Who knew that deciding you want a breast augmentation would only be half the battle? Now there are all kinds of other things you need to figure out to. I suppose there are some patients who revel in all these decisions. All these choice do lead to a significant amount of customizability, it’s true.

But there are other patients who want to zoom to their final results as quickly as possible. They’re tired of waiting and they want to start enjoying their new bodies. That’s understandable–there’s a lot to look forward to!

That said, there are some vital decisions to be made around your breast implants, especially if you’ve already decided and committed to your breast augmentation surgery. The more you can anticipate these choices, the more research you’ve done ahead of time, the easier those decisions will be. You should always, of course, listen to what your surgeon tells you about your breast implants or your breast augmentation procedure. This article is not intended to be medical advice–it’s intended for entertainment purposes only. If it gets your brain thinking about these choices a little sooner than you would have, however, that’s an added bonus. And that’s why we’re offering these tips to find the right breast implant size–so hopefully those conversations will go little bit easier with your plastic surgeon!

Tip #1: Think About Your Implant Type

Every breast implant is composed of a specific material–and all of those materials have been FDA approved for just such a use (as you would hope). There are three basic implant material types you’re going to have to choose from:

  • Fat graft: This is among the newest type of breast implant, and it uses your own fat to increase your bust size. The downside is that it requires a liposuction procedure to actually collect the fat in the first place. And some surgeons are not a fan of fat graft implants because the results can be somewhat unpredictable. That said, fat graft augmentations do tend to produce incredibly natural looking results.
  • Saline Implants: You wouldn’t usually think about salt water as a great breast implant material. But saline (which is basically a fancy version of salt water) is often used as a breast implant material, in large part because saline can very easily be absorbed into the body in the event of an implant rupture. Saline implants are also incredibly easy to insert (and even, sometimes, to fill later), meaning patients can achieve results with a minimal level of invasiveness.
  • Silicone Implants: By far the most common breast implants are silicone. They are sturdy, robust, and incredibly low rupture rate. Maybe more importantly, silicone implants look and feel quite natural. Because they’re reliable and because they’re effective, silicone implants are far and away the most popular type chosen by surgeons and patients. But they aren’t for everyone, so it’s still worth talking to your surgeon about your options.

Implant sizes are going to look different based on the type of implant, so it makes sense to spend some time thinking about your implant material.

Tip #2: Try the Weight on For Size

The second tip we’re going to offer is simple: try before you buy. Narrowing down a size can be difficult for some breast augmentation patients, so surgeons invented this special bra that can hold implants, allowing patients to test out the size. Look, for sizing purposes, these bras are not super great.

But they do allow patients to see how they feel about the weight of implants. Because the weight can be surprising. And it can add up over time. Indeed, breasts that are too large can often cause chronic neck or back pain (that’s why breast reduction is popular). It’s really important to their long term joy and happiness that patients have a good sense of how much weight they’re putting on their shoulders (literally!)

Tip #3: Listen To Your Surgeon

Plastic surgery is a funny thing. You need to advocate for yourself. But you also aren’t the most knowledgeable person in the room (when it comes to plastic surgery). So a good consultation is about finding that perfect line between advocating and listening.

We tend to think that the place where you should really advocate for yourself and be as assertive as possible is when describing the goals of your procedure. In general, your surgeon will be able to explain and articulate how best to achieve those goals. That said, being an advocate for yourself is almost always a good idea, and something most surgeons heartily encourage.

Hopefully these tips make selecting you breast implant size a little bit easier. The tips to find the right implant, no matter who they come from, are only the beginning. Consult with your plastic surgeon for more information and more breast implant enlightenment.


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About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for almost five years. He has a firm commitment to working with surgeons to ensure the facts and information is as accurate as possible in all of his writing.

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  1. For me it was quite easy to find the right size. I did not want to have huge breasts just normal B size but because i had almost flat chest this was something i almost dreamed of. What was important that i wanted them to look natural, so when i tried those implants at Forme clinic the saline ones seemed the best option for me. And i do not regret. My breasts look natural and i am happy for that.

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