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Summary: Liposuction can be an excellent procedure for men interested in slimming down specific areas of the body that remain resistant to traditional weight loss methods like diet and exercise. We can’t control where our bodies store fat, so if you’ve reached your target weight but find that certain places maintain a bit of unwanted bulge, you might be a good candidate for liposculpting. While everyone stores fat in different places, there are a few common problem spots that tend to plague men particularly.

1. Male Chest

Gynecomastia is the abnormal development of glandular breast tissue in men. Although the appearance of male breasts is typically presumed to be caused by a hormone imbalance, other issues—such as side effects from certain medications—can cause the condition as well. Additionally, men who have struggled with weight gain in the past may also find that their chest holds a bit more fatty tissue than they’d prefer.

Storing fat in the breasts can be uncomfortable for men and contribute to nipple chafing, and when fatty tissue in the breasts is particularly pronounced, it can cause embarrassment and low self-esteem. Sculpting the male chest with liposuction can help men achieve a more chiseled, masculine appearance that allows them to feel confident both in and out of their clothes. If glandular breast tissue is present, your cosmetic surgeon may need to take a few steps beyond liposuction for the best results.

2. Stomach

Men and women alike can suffer from unwanted fat bulges around their tummy. For some, these stubborn pockets of fat can be constant reminders of a previous episode of weight gain, while others may have never struggled with weight gain in other parts of the body, but simply store fat around their abdomen.

If you have a healthy and stable body weight but a pronounced paunch prevent you from feeling confident about your physique, you’re most likely struggling with subcutaneous fat, which is notoriously difficult to get rid of with diet and exercise.

Liposuction can reduce fatty bulges in the stomach, while including liposuction with your tummy tuck can help you achieve the best contouring results. Liposuction on its own can minimize isolated fat pockets, but when combined with a tummy tuck, the procedure can slim your midsection while tightening your abdominal muscles and removing excess skin.

3. Love Handles

Pockets of fat around the hips, often referred to as love handles, can make clothing uncomfortable as well as cause feelings of self-consciousness at the pool or the gym. Liposculpting in this area can create more defined masculine lines on your sides, helping you to feel more confident about your waistline. Slimming down your love handles can also help you fit more comfortably into your clothes and improve skin issues like chafing or rashes that may develop as a result of wearing tight belts.

4. Back

Most men strive to achieve a well-defined, muscular back, but if you have a layer of fatty tissue covering your back muscles, that definition may be lost entirely. Back fat is nearly always subcutaneous, meaning it is located directly under the skin and may not respond to dieting or working out.

To reduce flab and reveal muscle tone, your liposuction surgeon can contour your backside for a streamlined appearance by using liposculpting techniques to remove fat cells along your spine and the sides of your back.

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