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Summary: We’re not very good at predicting the future, but it’s definitely worth looking into what might be popular in the world of plastic surgery in the coming year.

Predicting Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2016

As we get past the beginning of 2016, it’s not uncommon to start seeing some statistics regarding plastic surgery procedures in the past year. In fact, due to the complexity of all these figures and the sheer volume of procedures performed, we’ll likely see many “Top Ten Procedures of 2015” lists throughout the next nine months. And that’s not just because those types of articles are relatively popular, it’s also because it can take some time to really dig into the numbers and compile a list of what procedures are and are not popular.

However, we’ve certainly gotten our first salvo in that trend this month. The first numbers about procedures performed in 2015 have been released and there are some surprising figures in there; but also present are quite a few continuing trends. Plastic surgery procedures in 2016 look to, for the most part, continue trends that began in 2015 and earlier. However, it’s worth noting that many of these trends did not exist before the year 2000. Indeed, many modern plastic surgery trends are just getting going, and it will be interesting to see where they go from here. So let’s take a look at some procedures that are sure to be popular throughout 2016.

Butt Augmentation

According to some recent analysis, over 4700 butt lift and 2500 butt implant augmentation procedures were performed. Together, that’s well over 7000 procedures, making butt augmentation a definite top ten procedure and working its way even higher. Butt augmentation, broadly defined, is one of those procedures that gets a little (or a lot) more popular every year. That said, there is some confusion over the types of butt augmentation.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift: This type of butt augmentation increase the size of the buttocks area by using fat from elsewhere on the body. This procedure is usually seen as a two-for-one because patients get to eliminate unwanted fat and they get to increase the size of the buttocks. The procedure itself is usually minimally invasive for the liposuction and non-invasive for the augmentation part of the procedure.
  • Butt Implants: Sometimes, for various reasons, patients are not good candidates for Brazilian Butt lift procedures, so butt implants are used. These typically consist of silicone-gel filled implants (much like breast implants), and while they aren’t as popular as the Brazilian Butt Lift version, they do provide an excellent benefit to a wide variety of patients.

Breast Augmentation

So, butt augmentation procedures are the “cutting edge,” more or less, but breast augmentation procedures continue to increase as well. In fact, breast augmentation continues to be a top 1 or top 2 procedure, increasing in popularity just about every year. This trend has been noticed everywhere, from breast surgeons in northern NJ to breast surgeons in Beverly Hills, CA. Of course, that doesn’t mean that breast augmentation is performed the same way today that it was ten years ago.

In fact, breast augmentation is a bit different than it was a number of years ago—the incisions are less invasive and recovery happens more rapidly. However, the implants are also different—well, kind of. Most modern breast augmentation procedures use silicone implants. During the 1990’s, most silicone implants were replaced with saline implants due to health fears. But these days we know that silicone implants are actually both effective and safe in the long term. But breast augmentation is also using the fat graft technique (like Brazilian Butt Lift) and is able to achieve some excellent results that way.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

It’s a cliché, what I’ve written above. But that doesn’t necessarily make it untrue. There is a certain body type considered to be “ideal” these days. And that ideal type is not always easy to achieve using diet and exercise, for example. Sometimes, to get the body you really want, you’re going to have to use plastic surgery. But when you think about it, that simply helps a lot of people feel comfortable in their own skin—a feeling they might not otherwise have.

So, unless the ideal body image changes (and it could and will—it has innumerable times throughout history), plastic surgery procedures in 2016 will probably look a lot like plastic surgery procedures in 2015. So if you’re curious as to what will be popular this year, the best place to start is with what was popular last year.

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