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Summary: According to some recent reports, it’s suddenly entirely possible that Kylie Jenner has a breast augmentation procedure. Jenner herself seems to be particularly prone to this type of hypothetical reporting—the did she or didn’t she of the plastic surgery new cycle. Not to put too fine a point on it, but we really don’t care whether she had the procedure done as long as she’s happy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take some inspiration from her, whether that inspiration is deployed in a Los Angeles or a Milwaukee breast augmentation clinic. Indeed, there are some subtle ways to get a breast augmentation, and sometimes, those results can be fantastic.

Are breast implant sizes bigger than they used to be?

The Speculation Game

We like to speculate on celebrities and plastic surgery. Not us personally, but Americans in general. It’s like a guessing game. Uma Thurman gets new makeup and suddenly everyone’s talking about her new facelift (turns out, it wasn’t a facelift, it was just make-up). A similar thing happened to Renee Zellwegger when she revealed her “new face.” For whatever reason, we like to guess, we like to see others’ beauty as, largely, constructed. And that’s okay. So, enter Kylie Jenner, one of the most common targets of this kind of speculation. Lately, plastic surgeons (and, mostly, the news media) have been wondering whether Jenner has gotten a breast augmentation procedure.

The impetus for this seems to be some new photographs which seem to show an enhanced bust on Jenner. Looking at the photos, it certainly seems that Jenner’s breasts are indeed larger and rounder. Of course, it seems odd to even say that—to speculate on whether somebody who is, ultimately, a complete stranger has had a breast augmentation or not. This probably isn’t a conversation we would have even about someone we know, and yet we have no problem going on the internet and trying to figure out whether Kylie Jenner has new breasts.

Breast Implant Sizes Bigger and Beyond

But there are some pieces of advice we can take from this, of course. If there’s one thing our obsession with figuring out whether people have had plastic surgery it’s that plastic surgery does not have to be obvious. You can have plastic surgery performed in a subtle way that doesn’t necessarily draw attention to itself (or at least doesn’t make it obvious that you’ve had plastic surgery). This is even true with traditionally “big” operations such as breast augmentation. I use the term “big” because that’s how most people think about breast implants—just a device that makes breasts far bigger than they would naturally be. And while that’s sometimes true, when it comes to the breast implant bigger sizes are better sizes, it’s not the rule for everyone.

Smaller Breast Implants

Just about everyone who is getting breast augmentation is looking for an increase in size, but that doesn’t always translate into a huge increase in size. Some women who have spent most of their lives flat chested are simply looking for some extra cleavage. In other words, these are the women that are tired of padding their bras to make their bust go with their hips, to get that ratio. Smaller breast implants can deliver a modest size increase, so that the cleavage looks more natural. This type of augmentation is largely about creating a more pleasing proportion between parts of the body—in large part so that clothes fit better.

Medium Breast Implants

Some women who have a small bust want to go a bit bigger. Now, to be sure, this won’t be a modest change in size, as you would get from a smaller implant. Sometimes those modest changes in size are barely noticeable to anybody but those who undergo the surgery (intentionally). Medium sized breast implants will provide a noticeable boost to your bust.

Large Breast Implants

Go big or go home, right? There are some women who are definitely more interested in larger breast implants—and they’ll definitely make a statement. It’s certainly difficult to have a breast augmentation procedure with large breast implants and go for a “subtle” look, but you can definitely go after a natural-looking result. Both silicone implants and fat graft procedures both produce relatively natural-looking breasts, so whichever direction you decide to go in, you’ll be covered there. Large implants are, of course, designed to produce large breasts. This is something that many women want, for a variety of reasons—and those reason have usually been thought out in quite a bit of detail.

Much Depends on Your Original Size

Since a breast augmentation is, essentially, adding size onto your current breast, much depends on your original size. When it comes to breast augmentation size bigger can sometimes be accomplished with a smaller implant—if the original breast tissue is ample enough. So you’ll want to work with your plastic surgeon to ensure that your new breasts and your old breasts are working together to bring about your new transformation just the way you want it.

If you’re looking to try your new breasts size out for a bit, many surgeons can outfit you with a special bra designed to mimic the effect of the new breast size. Many patients find this a useful exercise in determining what they really want out of this procedure. And that’s what the focus should be. Maybe Kylie Jenner had a breast augmentation, and maybe she didn’t. Either way, we should simply be happy enough that she’s happy with her breasts whether they’re natural or not. The same can be said for anybody that decides to undergo this procedure: it’s all about your happiness.

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