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Summary: When it comes to streaming plastic surgery, there are a few brave bloggers on the cutting edge. It’s not much of a stretch. There are already plastic surgeons out there that will post with patients on social media (such as SnapChat). Streaming a procedure isn’t that much of a stretch. But is there actually some value in this type of activity? Is it worth streaming plastic surgery live? Is it worth watching?

Should You Watch Streaming Plastic Surgery?

Some plastic surgeons have gotten famous for engaging on social media during cosmetic procedure, but streaming plastic surgery is something new. Obviously, there are some advantages and drawbacks to this type of thing—and not every patient is going to enthusiastically sign up to have his or her procedure live streamed on the internet.

But for some people, this type of live streaming is perfect. It’s a way to share a transformation. For Ashley Devonna, a Fort Worth, TX, based beauty blogger, it’s a way to maintain transparency and “showcase” the journey. It’s important to note that the plastic surgeon in question is on board with the whole life streaming thing, so there’s an understanding between the patient and the surgeon.

While live streaming a surgery is an interesting choice—and certainly not a common one—I think it’s worth talking about why one might decide to do this and what the drawbacks and advantages might be.

Why Watch a Plastic Surgery Live stream?

The decision to broadcast your own plastic surgery live stream may seem, uh, counter-intuitive. And that’s okay. However, for some people, it’s just going to be the way to go—a way to use your own experiences to educate others. However, there’s a follow up question worth asking: Why would you watch a plastic surgery live stream?

To be sure, there’s some educational value in it. There are already plenty of videos on YouTube that showcase various plastic surgery procedures. These videos tend to be, by nature, quite graphic—though that’s not necessarily true for the less invasive ones. And videos of completely non invasive procedures, such as non surgical nose job videos, tend to be quite tame (though no less informative).

Advantages of Watching Plastic Surgery Videos

That said, there are certainly advantages of watching plastic surgery videos. Those advantages include:

  • Educational opportunities: It’s one thing to read about what a plastic surgery procedure might do to the body; it’s another thing to see it and ensure you’re ready for it.
  • Reality Check: In the same way, watching this type of plastic surgery video can be a reality check: devoid of marketing materials, you can really see if any given procedure is right for you.

There are, of course, drawbacks. Without contextualization from a highly qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon, you’re only getting part of the story. You’re also only seeing a small sample of time—you aren’t getting the whole story in terms of recovery or results (obviously, this depends on the video).

There are also some patients that are, frankly, happier not knowing all of the intricacies of a plastic surgery procedure. That’s why a consultation between the patient and surgeon is a great time and place for that kind of discussion.

Live Stream Vs. Video

What Devonna is doing is a little bit different than taking a video and putting it up on YouTube. Devonna is doing something called a live stream. Essentially, the video will be streamed live. This means several things:

  • No one will be able to edit the video—either to make things look easier or more exciting
  • Viewers will get a real time sense of the work the surgeon puts into Devonna’s particular procedure
  • There is the potential for surprises, both good and regrettable
  • Viewers will not necessarily be shielded from any type of content
  • Anyone who views the entirety of the video will gain a good sense of just how long the surgical procedure takes

However, it’s worth noting that the procedure that Devonna is undergoing will have plenty of components not covered by the live stream. She isn’t live streaming the consultation (or many consultations) that happen before the procedure. And she has yet to state how she will air her recovery period (if indeed she does do that).

Every Journey is Different

It’s also important to keep in mind that, no matter how transparent Devonna might be about her own personal journey, it’s not going to be a perfect blueprint for anyone but herself.

In other words, your journey and your transformation will be at least somewhat unique to you. Every cosmetic surgery patient has his or her own individual needs and desires. And everyone’s body will respond slightly differently to the healing process.

In other words, the best person to ask about what type of experience you can expect will be your own personal surgeon. And the best place to get those answers is during a consultation. Streaming plastic surgery procedures certainly has some educational value—and nothing will change that.

Just remember that it’s educational and not some kind of prediction about your own transformation.

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