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busting tummy tuck myths

Summary: Getting a tummy tuck can be a big decision. After all, a tummy tuck is a major plastic surgery procedure. In speaking with tummy tuck patients, we’ve discovered two big questions you should ask before your tummy tuck to ensure you’re on the right track. A surgeon will be able to give you the best answers to these questions, but even knowing the question is a great place to start.

The Two Big Questions You Should Ask Before Your Tummy Tuck

Your body will likely go through a lot of changes in your lifetime. It will grow, it will shrink, and it will probably bother you a little bit. Eventually, your body may settle into a stable weight—especially if your lifestyle is also relatively stable. But changes are always happening. That’s your body’s natural state of being.

Your skin, unfortunately, cannot always keep up. Your skin is designed to stretch like a rubber band—but as you age, that elasticity gets worn out. This means you can be left with a lot of excess skin, especially in areas that tend to expand and contract often (we’re looking at you, belly).

That’s why surgeons developed the tummy tuck in the first place. Look, there are so many reasons why you might develop a lot of excess skin around your belly. But once it’s there, that excess skin isn’t going anywhere. If you want tighter skin, surgery may be your only choice.

Question Number 1: Is Your Weight Stable?

Once you’ve decided to get rid of that excess skin, there are two big questions you should ask before your tummy tuck. The first of those questions is about your weight. It doesn’t really matter if you’re slightly overweight or slightly under the average, what matters when it comes to your weight is stability.

It’s true that optimal tummy tuck results are usually achieved when the patient is around his o her ideal weight. But what is more important than that in most cases is that the patient’s weight isn’t going to move drastically up or down. To some degree, this is impossible to perfectly predict; some life events (a thyroid condition, for example, or an unexpected pregnancy) just tend to happen.

But it’s important for patients to understand that a substantial loss of weight or gaining of weight will drastically affect the results of your tummy tuck. Your results, in fact, could be compromised. Surgeons want to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck, that you’re able to enjoy your results for as long as possible. And to get maximum enjoyment, you weight should be relatively stable.

The best way to figure out whether that’s true or not is to consult with your surgeon in order to see where you’re at.

Question Number 2: Do You Have Excess Fat or Excess Skin?

The body is weird. It all blends together (we don’t even think about all those microbes living in your gut, after all). So it’s not surprising that it can be difficult to tell excess fat from excess skin. When it comes to your tummy tuck, this is important because a tummy tuck isn’t really designed to deal with excess fat.

According to the website of the Twin Cities tummy tuck experts at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, tummy tucks are designed primarily to eliminate excess skin and add some structure to the abdominal muscles. In other words, tummy tucks are designed to tighten up the belly area.

If you need to get rid of fat, you’re better off looking at a procedure such as a liposuction. During a liposuction procedure, excess fat will be removed from the body. Now, liposuction and tummy tucks can be complimentary procedures. The liposuction can remove the fat, and the tummy tuck can tighten things up afterwards.

But it’s important that this complimentary action be intentional and well thought out. Generally, however, surgeons are quite good at differentiating between fat and skin, even if we laymen find it pretty difficult to do.

Slimming Down and Tightening Up

Most tummy tuck procedures are designed to tighten up the abdominal area. They’re supposed to make the belly look more youthful, more lean, and more athletic. In this way, tummy tuck surgery is capable of generating astounding results. Patients who have wrestled with too much skin for years find sudden relief and surging confidence.

That’s what makes the tummy tuck such a great procedure. There are many events in life (and changes in the body) that can rob you of time with a youthful, fit, lean tummy. This procedure is designed to give you a few of those years back and to let you enjoy feeling youthful and fit.

There are at least two big questions you should ask before your tummy tuck procedure, but those questions are only the start of your transformation, not the end. To find out more about tummy tuck, contact a plastic surgeon today.

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