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Summary: When you go in for your Minneapolis blepharoplasty appointment, you probably don’t raise too many eyebrows (no pun intended). An eyelid lift is a relatively common procedure, and people undergo it for all kinds of reasons. However, when a celebrity even seems to undergo this procedure, it tends to break the internet. And that’s what’s happening with Uma Thurman these days. It seems that she was seen at an event over this past week, and she looks different. It could be plastic surgery. It could be a change in make-up. It seems that, without knowing for certain, everyone is pretty happy to speculate.

Minneapolis blepharoplasty can help make you look younger again.

Did She Or Didn’t She?

Here we are again, on the celebrity plastic surgery did-they-or-didn’t-they rollercoaster. Or, maybe it’s more of a merry go round. This time at the center of it all is Kill Bill (and many other good films) star Uma Thurman. Now, of course, the first reaction from many is: she’s too beautiful to have had plastic surgery. But that could easily be said of, well, just about everyone who has plastic surgery. The nips and the tucks aren’t necessarily about, somehow, becoming more beautiful than you were. It’s about realizing your true self—staying with that true self for as long as you can.

It’s difficult to know with celebrities, because make-up can play such a significant role in the way Hollywood stars look from day to day. Indeed, much of the speculation regarding Uma Thurman rests on just how different her make-up was than how it is usually seen. According to some plastic surgeons, this explains everything that was different about Uma Thurman’s look. However, to some surgeons, the change in make-up can’t quite explain the difference in looks, especially around the eyes. Some plastic surgeons are convinced that Thurman has undergone procedures that target extra tissue around the eyes.

Eyelid Lifts, For Great Vision

These procedures are known as eyelid lifts or, more technically, blepharoplasty. Indeed, eyelid lifts are incredibly common procedures, especially as in patients that are confronting their aging features. As we age, excess skin develops all around our body—our skin, after all, loses its ability to bounce back, it loses elasticity. This is especially true, you guessed it, around the eyes. Excess skin around the eyes can make you look and feel older than you really are—and it can also make it difficult to see. Indeed, this is one of the most common reasons patients elect to undergo this procedure—and they note that their vision improves drastically afterwards.

But patients also elect to undergo this procedure because they know that sleeker eyelids will help them look much more youthful, more alert, and more vibrant. The procedure for this usually involves general sedation and the trimming of excess tissue away from the eye. It’s not as easy, of course, as just cutting the eyelid back or anything like that (as your eyelashes are on the edges of your eyelid), so most often the outermost layers of skin on the eye will be removed. There are also several different options in terms of technique. While the most common way blepharoplasty is performed is with a scalpel, laser blepharoplasty is becoming more and more popular, as there is no scarring from this procedure (and it generally heals more quickly).

Uma Thurman’s Plastic Surgery Decision

So we’re left with Uma Thurman, who may or may not have had a blepharoplasty procedure. Some plastic surgeons say she does, some say she lacks telltale signs of a surgical procedure. This reminds me, not a little, about the theorizing around Renee Zellwegger, and whether or not she had plastic surgery. I’m sympathetic to both Hollywood celebrities because, it seems, even the most subtle changes are noticed to a rather extreme degree.

What everyone seems to agree on, however, is that Uma Thurman quite likely underwent a Botox treatment or, at the very least, some dermal fillers—her forehead, after all, was quite flat (no wrinkles).

Supporting Plastic Surgery Decisions

But we should be careful not to hold celebrities in some kind of contempt for having undergone these procedures. I’ve written before about whether they have the right to privacy—and there’s a good debate to be had on the merits of that. But we should also be careful to refrain from judgment, especially if we’re overly harsh in our judgment. And I think that harshness might come from a place of envy—Uma Thurman, after all, is beautiful, smart and successful, which means that she basically has everything. We want to hold her in contempt for finding want in her life.

But, of course, that’s what we all do. In our own ways, we’re beautiful, smart, and successful, and we still want plastic surgery, too. After all, it’s about finding that balance between the way we are and the way we want to be. That’s, basically, what Uma Thurman is doing, and it’s what all of us do when we seek out aesthetic plastic surgery. On that note, we’re not really sure if Uma Thurman underwent a plastic surgery procedure—but if she’s happy with the results, we’re happy for her.

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