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five breast augmentation myths

Summary: The season has a big impact on plastic surgery. And if you buy that, it stands to reason that location has an equally big impact. Some procedures are just more popular than in other places. That’s why it maybe shouldn’t be surprising that Utah is a hot spot for breast augmentation. And yet, there’s something about that sentence that does indeed seem surprising. So let’s take a closer look at why Utah is such a hot spot. Many people already think they know why—but it’s possible they’re wrong.

Utah: Hot Spot for Breast Augmentation?

Not all plastic surgery is equally popular across the country. Some areas have higher than usual rates of rhinoplasty. Other areas have higher than usual rates of Botox. This isn’t unusual—people in different areas of the country encounter different stresses and follow slightly different trends. Sometimes this is due to weather or due to what jobs are popular in a particular area (if, for example, there’s one major employer). Other times, it’s due to simple demographics: how many people there are and what they want to look like. But there are a couple of articles that pointed this out in a way we hadn’t thought of before.

According to a couple of articles we came across, there were some authors that noticed that Utah had an unusually high rate of breast augmentation procedures performed—higher than in other states. They also noted that there were more women from the Church of Latter Day Saints in Utah than there were men. Now, marriage is a central part of life for many Mormons, so it’s not surprising that the authors concluded (guessed might be a better word for it) that Mormon women were getting breast augmentations to better compete against a dwindling supply of eligible bachelors.

Motives for Breast Augmentation May Vary

We’re not really going to get into the reasons why that logic doesn’t work. There might be some truth to it, but there are also so many ways that there might not be even a little truth to it. There’s just no way to be certain without doing a whole lot of other research that, frankly, we’ll leave to the professionals. However, this does bring us to a good point to talk about motivations for women who are interested in breast augmentation. Generally, because there is pain and recovery involved, most women are not willing to get a breast augmentation “for a guy.”

This is a good thing. Most plastic surgeons will advise patients that they should not get plastic surgery “for” anyone—that the only person she should be trying to make happy is herself. This advisement is so common that it can be seen on almost every plastic surgery website out there which features breast augmentation. Significant others, unfortunately, can put a lot of pressure on women to somehow “look better” However, as the person who has to ultimately live with that body, the woman should (obviously) get the final say in the matter. For breast augmentation, above other procedures, plastic surgeons are particularly sensitive to this topic.

Getting Plastic Surgery for Yourself

It’s also worth noting that, for as often as it is discussed, breast augmentation is not the only breast procedure under the sun. Indeed, many women opt to have a procedure done called a breast lift. According to the website of the Clear Lake, TX, breast lift experts at South Shore Plastic Surgery, a breast lift is a way to make the breasts look perkier and more youthful without actually increasing the size of the breast. Some women, on the other hand, opt for breast reduction procedures.

There are so many options out there because plastic surgeons know that women go under the knife for these procedures in order to impress no one but themselves. And that’s really the point of plastic surgery. Women who have had a breast procedure done usually report an increase in self-esteem, self-confidence, and quality of life—but only when it’s done for the right reasons. Getting back to our original comments, we wouldn’t necessarily classify “trying to get a husband” as one of the “right reasons.” That said, people do indeed want plastic surgery for a wide variety of motivations—and it’s not really our place to judge.

The End Result: Your Happiness

The end result is the important thing. People should be happy. So whatever your motivations for your breast augmentation procedure, make sure that what you get in the end is happiness. This is usually the case, but it bears some repeating. Indeed, according to plastic surgery social media site RealSelf, breast augmentation has a very high “worth it” ranking, meaning that nearly all women who undergo a breast augmentation think that it’s worth the pain to get the gain.

There’s no telling why Utah is such a hot spot for breast augmentation. There could be any number of reasons, including, we suppose, the desire to get married. Whatever the case, if you want a breast augmentation of your own, hot spot or not, talk to your plastic surgeon today to ensure you get the bust you’re after.

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