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Summary: It’s a new and innovative procedure, but does the Vampire Breast Lift really work? According to many plastic surgeons, the science around PRP (or platelet-rich-plasma) is quite circumspect. That said, the procedure may be a good option for some candidates. So does the Vampire Breast Lift really work? It depends on who you ask, but we try to get to the bottom of it.

Does the Vampire Breast Lift Really Work for Everyone?

Much like the vampire facelift did a number of years ago, the vampire breast lift is bursting on the scene—and showing remarkable popularity. But does the vampire breast lift really work? The short answer is, maybe. Sort of. I guess to really answer the question, we should have a better understanding of what “vampire” procedures really are.

To be sure, these types of novel procedures often come around in the world of cosmetic surgery. New and novel procedures with attention-getting names are not uncommon. And the success of the Vampire Facelift shows that this kind of procedure can definitely work and have some successes.

But before you sign up, it’s definitely worth looking at the science of these “Vampire” procedures and finding out whether they actually work. Does the vampire breast lift really work? Let’s see if we can find out.

What is a “Vampire” Procedure?

On the one hand, “vampire” procedures sound somewhat ominous. But the first procedure was coined around the time that Twilight was quite popular and vampires weren’t seen as quite so villainous as they traditionally have been. Even still, the name sticks because it’s somewhat accurate: a Vampire Facelift or Vampire Breast Lift starts with your blood.

During a Vampire Breast Lift in particular:

  • Your office visit will begin with a draw of blood
  • Your blood will then be sent to a centrifuge where platelet-rich-plasma will be separated
  • That platelet-rich-plasma (or PRP) will then be injected into the breast tissue
  • Results will, over the course of several weeks, become noticeable
  • Not the Same as Surgery

    Whether the Vampire Breast Lift actually works or not is, ultimately, open to debate. However, almost everyone will agree on the following:

    • A Vampire Breast Lift is designed only to generate subtle results
    • This procedure will not be equally effective for everybody
    • PRP injections cannot replicate the results achieved with a surgical breast lift

    But let’s break down what all this means. First and foremost, even when the Vampire Breast Lift works as advertised, these injections are producing small, subtle effects. For some patients, that’s perfect! Surgery isn’t always the right option for those who only want minor changes.

    Second, the Vampire Breast Lift isn’t going to work for everybody. Those who offer the procedure generally find that it works best on women who have lost firmness in the breast, either through nursing or through normal aging processes. The PRP injections are purported to increase firmness and decrease wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful looking breast.

    A Replacement for Breast Lift Surgery?

    Finally, it’s worth looking into whether a Vampire Breast Lift can compete with its surgical counterpart. The short answer is: No. A surgical breast lift is designed to mitigate a change in orientation that occurs in the breast through the normal processes of aging (sometimes exacerbated by pregnancy and nursing).

    The incisions and work performed during a surgical breast lift are complex, but they result in a robust and permanent change to the orientation of the breast. The Twin Cities breast lift surgeons at Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, for example, showcase extensive before and after images of breast lifts—and it’s easy to see dramatic changes that last for years.

    What Works for the Patient?

    Ultimately, you can’t really compare a Vampire Breast Lift to a surgical breast lift procedure. They’re just doing two totally different things. A Vampire Breast Lift is temporary and subtle, a surgical breast lift permanent and bold. PRP injections may change the surface of the breast, but surgery will change the structure beneath.

    It’s probably fair to say that a Vampire Breast Lift might work for some patients. Certainly, patients who want big changes in the orientation of their breasts will have to find another procedure (that is, surgery). But if you only want subtle changes made and you don’t want to go through a recovery process, a Vampire Breast Lift might be okay.

    That said, the final word should come from your cosmetic or plastic surgeon. Vampire Breast Lifts aren’t exactly cheap, and it would be a shame to shell out a huge chunk of money for a procedure that doesn’t totally work. Your surgeon will be able to tell you whether you’re a good candidate for the Vampire Breast Lift and, ultimately, whether the Vampire Breast Lift really works.

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