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Summary: For those who suffer from unsightly varicose veins, summer can be a nightmare. With vein treatments, however, you could be ready for shorts and bikinis just in time for beach season.

The Shame Game

Summer is around the corner, and as it approaches, so does bikini and shorts season. For those who suffer from unsightly varicose veins, nothing could sound worse. Luckily, there are treatment options available that can reduce the appearance of these veins and leave you with a confident new look you’ll be happy to show off come summertime. Do not waste another summer covering up because you are ashamed of your legs- find out more about varicose vein treatments and you could be saying goodbye to cover-up’s for good!

Treatment Options

Approximately 25% of women suffer from varicose veins. They are very common in the United States, and if you have them, you are not alone. However, those who suffer from blue or purple enlarged veins often feel isolated and without hope. This is no longer true. There are many options for reducing the appearance of your veins. Discuss the following with your doctor to see what may be the best laser treatment option for your specific case:

  • Compression Garments:  A very low tech, zero percent invasive option, compression stockings could reduce the appearance of your veins.
  • Scierotherapy: A non-surgical treatment option in which a solution is injected into the vein to cause their disappearance.
  • Laser Treatment: Using lasers to heat the vein from the inside, this can cause the vein to seal shut and ultimately disappear.
  • Pulsated Light Treatments: Vein therapy involving a light beam that, once pushed into the vein, can also seal it off and cause it to dissolve and disappear.
  • Vein Ligation: An invasive procedure for extreme cases, veins are cut open and tied off to cut the blood flow and cause the vein to be less visible.

Like any other cosmetic procedure, your individual case will determine which treatment options are right for you. Doctors will look at your legs and do a complete exam of your veins before making an informed decision as to which treatment will work the best for your specific needs. If your issues are minor, chances are you can avoid invasive procedures all together. This would be an important discussion to have during your consultation.

Hope Is Here

If the thought of putting on a pair of shorts (or a bikini- yikes!) makes you wish for a blizzard, discuss varicose vein treatment options with your doctor, today! By the time summer rolls around, you could be ready to show off your amazing new legs. You have nothing to lose but the shame you feel over your unsightly veins. Never wear pants in the summer again. Beautiful legs are a possibility! There are so many different options that one is bound to help you feel better about yourself soon. Talk to your doctor- it’s the first step in getting back into those short shorts!

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