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Summary: Newly divorced Housewives’ of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson has emerged with a new jawline caused by one of the trendiest procedures of today: chin implants!

Taking it on the Chin

If you have been following cosmetic surgery trends lately, you are sure to have heard the phrase “chinplants” being used over and over again. Some surgeons are claiming that “chins are the new breasts” and chin implants have been exploding on to the scene in the last few years. Because it is one of the most common procedures today, celebrities of all kinds have been jumping on the bandwagon. Who’s latest famous face to undergo a chin-transformation? Real Housewives’ of Orange County’s very own Vicki Gunvalson, of course!

Orange County’s Newest Chinplant Recipient

Fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County love Vicki and recently watched her suffer through a divorce with her ex-husband Donn. Since their split it has been reported that the star has spent over $8000 on what has been deemed a “breakover.” The concept of the “breakover” is pretty fantastic if you ask us, and something that women have been doing for years anyway. Trying a new hair color or fashion style are things that women often do when dealing with a breakup, but if you want to undergo a more serious transformation, take a page out of Vicki’s playbook and undergo cosmetic surgery!

Vicki is Single, but Not Alone

Vicki Gunvalson of Housewives fame isn’t the only star to undergo a jaw transformation, and she isn’t even the only one to do it after a breakup. Bristol Palin came out with a brand new chin after her very public split from Levi Johnston. Though it hasn’t been confirmed that Bristol received an implant to the area, her jawline is very much different and there is cause for speculation. Some stars are open about their changes, like Vicki, and others like Bristol try to keep it to themselves, but no matter what they say, it is pretty obvious that the chinplant trend is here to stay.

Sending a Strong Message

There’s really no surprise that chinplants are common after a breakup: predominant jawlines have been a sign of strength, power, and success since the beginning of time. While the changes may be subtle, the message being sent is loud and clear: if you leave me, I will look and feel more resilient than ever before. Vicki is the latest popular face to undergo this transformation, and it is very likely that the “breakover” trend will continue, especially in Hollywood.

Doing it For Yourself

If you are interested in ways to sculpt your jawline, or are going through a breakup and are curious about your very own “breakover,” talk to a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Moises Salama from Elite Plastic Surgery in Miami today about all of your options. Taking a cue from celebrities can sometimes be a good thing, especially when the choices they are making are confident ones. Looking and feeling strong and beautiful is important for all women, especially those who may be newly single. Following in our favorite Housewives’ famous steps and undergoing a chinplant surgery may give you that new lease on life you’ve been looking for.

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