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how does weather affect breast implants?

Summary: How does the weather affect your breast implants in the long run? Conceivably, your implants should be rather well insulated. It’s not as though there are parts of your body that freeze during particularly harsh winters (unless, you know, you suffer from exposure–which is bad). And yet, rare patients do occasionally report the weather having an impact. How is that possible?

How Does the Weather Affect Your Breast Implants or Breast Augmentation Results?

If there’s one thing none of us can control, it’s the weather. Maybe it’ll rain. Maybe it’ll snow. And, sure, sometimes we can accurately predict what’s coming. But that doesn’t mean we can change it. All we can do is embrace the weather we’re given. But what about when you have undergone breast augmentation surgery. How does the weather affect your breast implants, if at all?

The answer to this question, as is the case with most questions and answers related to plastic surgery, is complicated. In the vast majority of cases, weather either warm or cold is not going to affect your breast implants.

Your body, after all, is a pretty good insulator. It’s how you’re able to keep a regular temperature of around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. However, there are some reports from patients of the cold weather in particular having an effect on their breast implants. It’s not common, by any means, even in areas of the world where cold weather is frequent. If you concerns about how weather might be affecting your breast implant, you should speak with your plastic surgeon right away. (This article is not intended for medical purposes or to replace the opinion of a qualified medical professional.)

What Happens to a Breast Implant in Cold Weather?

Breast implants tend to be pretty impervious to cold weather. That’s because they’re typically well insulated. Your body, after all, has a strong interest in staying right around that 98.6 degree mark. However, there have been some reports of cold weather impacting implants. In these reports:

  • Patients seem to feel some discomfort around the breast implant
  • The shape of the breast implant might alter slightly
  • The feel of the implant may change slightly as well

These effects are more often reported with saline implants than with silicone implants, but it does happen (uncommonly) with both. How long these impacts last really depends on the patient. Some patients reports these affects over several winters. Others notice them for a week or two and then never see any symptoms like that again.

Where the Implant is Placed Seems to Make a Difference

Cold weather affecting a breast implant is so rare that there is no reliable body of data for surgeons to draw from in terms of articulating what’s happening. It just hasn’t happened enough for weather’s possible effects on implants to be studied.

However, anecdotally, it seems that when this does happen, it has something to do with where the implant is located. When you undergo a breast augmentation procedure, you have two options for where to place the implant:

  • Beneath the muscle, which is deeper in the breast tissue
  • Beneath the skin, which is much shallower (and therefore a less invasive procedure)

Cold weather seems to affect those implants which are placed in a shallower position. Those implants that are placed beneath the muscle seem to be affected far less often (as your body is providing far more insulation).

What Should You Do?

If you feel as though your implant has been affected by the cold weather, it’s not a bad idea to reach out to your surgeon, especially if you’re feeling any discomfort. That said, cold weather does not seem to cause ruptures or leaks of your implant material. So you shouldn’t have to worry about, for example, a saline leak or anything like that.

It’s also worth taking a moment to talk about how really rare this is. As we said, your body is a reasonably good insulator, so most every part of your body will be kept right around that 98.6 degree temperature. This almost always provides more than enough heat to combat even the most severe cold waves.

Talk to Your Surgeon About Options

But there are some exceptions, and it’s worth talking to your surgeon about the possibility, especially if you live in an area of the world that experiences cold weather. You might have more cause to do this if you’re looking for a breast augmentation in Chicago than if you’re looking at breast implants in Los Angeles. But it never hurts to have those kinds of conversations anyway.

The more informed you are as a patient, the better you’ll be able to handle what comes your way. How does the weather affect your breast implants? In most cases, you’ll never notice–but every once in a while it might be something to ask your surgeon about.

About the Author: Dan Voltz is a writer and marketer who has been creating content for plastic and cosmetic surgeons for over four years. He constantly communicates with surgeons in order to ensure that he is writing about topics that patients truly care about.

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