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News flash: Men want to look like men again.

That may sound like a flash of the obvious, but self-image preferences change just like any other trend. According to recent media accounts, men may be moving away from the boy-band look that seems to have stuck around since the turn of the century.

A March 2013 article by Lesley Rotchford in Details magazine delineates between the “in” masculine features and their “out” boyish counterparts by going straight to the most scientific source available: the popularity of Hollywood actors. “Square jaws (think Jon Hamm, Michael Fassbender, Daniel Craig) are in, replacing yesterday’s pert-nose-and-dainty-chin combo (Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron, Tobey Maguire),” Rotchford writes.

Rotchford goes on to quote UCLA associate plastic surgery professor Dr. Steven Teitelbaum in differentiating between the “conventionally beautiful white-bread face” and “strong features like ethnic, nontraditional noses.” Apparently, the former is giving way to the latter.

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Winning by a Nose

Plastic surgeons nationwide are catering, perhaps more than ever, to the constantly evolving needs of male patients. Men are turning to physicians such as Dr. Michael Bogdan, a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty in Dallas, TX, for procedures that enhance, rather than obscure, the masculine qualities of their faces.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) statistics, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) was the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure for American men in 2011. Although the ASPS has released its 2012 statistics, it has yet to separate that year’s data to distinguish between procedures performed on men and women. However, the overall rate of rhinoplasties performed remained constant between 2011 and 2012, making it safe to speculate that men are still having their noses done.

That’s not to say plastic surgeons have stopped correcting the issues that have traditionally brought men and women alike into the operating room for rhinoplasty. An overly large or crooked nose, a dorsal hump and breathing problems such as a deviated septum are still common reasons for nose surgery. Above all, the goal of cosmetic rhinoplasty is to balance the facial features. Men with prominent chins or cheekbones may even choose to augment their noses for a better match.

Have we seen the last of the era of the smooth, shaved chest and girlishly pretty male face? Probably not entirely. But with cosmetic surgery advancing at the same rate as society’s physical preferences, you can rest assured that, no matter whether you want to look like John Wayne or Johnny Depp, you can probably find a procedure that can make it happen.

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