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Summary: The decision to get plastic surgery can often be a big one. Plastic surgery is, by its nature, invasive, and it requires a long recovery time to fully enjoy the results. In many cases, this is not only necessary but desirable for the end results. However, some patients would like to look a little bit more youthful without the need for an invasive procedure. For those patients, Fraxel may be an answer.

Rewarding Your Skin for Protecting You

The world can be a punishing place: harsh sunlight, blistering winds, freezing temps. Your skin is designed, largely, to protect you from all of that. But there’s always a cost. Due credit to the human skin—it largely regenerates in a stunningly efficient fashion. But combatting all the elements of Mother Nature can be a thankless task, and sometimes your skin needs a little help to stay looking its best. It’s true that much can be accomplished with modern cosmetic products, but when your skin needs significant help, it might be time to turn to your cosmetic surgeon and a laser procedure known as Fraxel.

As a laser treatment designed specifically to address issues of the skin, Fraxel has a well-earned reputation among patients. This is a device that can help minimize signs of aging—lines and wrinkles—and help restore a sense of youthfulness to the treated area. But the powers of Fraxel devices go well beyond the removal or wrinkles. In fact, Fraxel has seen a great deal of success in treating many skin ailments, all without the need for invasive surgery. Most patients can return to normal activities almost immediately, although many will spend a day or two indoors due to redness. This makes Fraxel an incredibly tempting treatment option.

So What Exactly Can Fraxel Do?

As one of the leading laser systems employed by cosmetic surgeons across the country, Fraxel is used quite often for skin repair and rejuvenation. For patients, this means that Fraxel can address a wide range of discomforts and problem areas. For example:

  • Lines and Wrinkles: Many lines and wrinkles are relatively superficial when it comes to the skin. Fraxel has the ability to mitigate many of those lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth and by “resurfacing” the top layer of the skin.
  • Acne and Acne Scars: Problematic acne and acne scars can be exceptionally discomforting for patients, especially as they get older. Acne seems like a vestige of youth and immaturity. Using Fraxel treatments to eliminate acne and acne scarring can help patients feel both youthful and mature, but also—more importantly—comfortable in their own skin.
  • Age Spots: As the human body ages, we often develop “age spots,” either due to genetics or sun exposure (or, often, a combination of both). Because of the way that Fraxel “resurfaces” the skin, these age spots can diminish or disappear altogether. As age spots are one of those issues that many patients feel artificially “ages” them, this kind of treatment is a huge relief.

There are, of course, many more things that Fraxel can do for you. It’s a powerful laser system, but also a versatile one, able to give patients excellent outcomes. It’s one of the reasons why, from Los Angeles to New York Fraxel is becoming a more popular option for patients who want to look more youthful.

Is Fraxel Better Than Surgery?

Many patients wonder whether Fraxel is a better option than surgery, and, for better or worse, the answer goes beyond a simple yes or no. Much will depend on your desired outcomes and, as wonderful as Fraxel is, there are certainly limits to what it can accomplish. For example, patients who have wrinkles that are created by excess tissue may wish to invest in facelift or blepharoplasty surgery in order to help mitigate that excess tissue. However, surgery is, of course, generally invasive. This means that any surgical procedure carries with it the requirement of a recovery period. This recovery period can often last weeks, especially when it comes to waiting for residual swelling to subside.

Fraxel, on the other hand, mostly allows patients to return to normal activities in short order. Some patients do complain of a “sunburn” feeling and look to their skin after a treatment—that’s normal. This feeling generally subsides after a couple of days, allowing the youthful new skin to become more noticeable. However, the results of any Fraxel procedure will, of course, be much more subtle than a surgical procedure. For many patients, that’s an added bonus. A subtle, natural-looking end result simply means that people won’t comment on your cosmetic surgery procedure—they’ll just comment on how good you look.

If you’ve been on the fence about non-invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, it’s definitely worth talking to a specialist before you make up your mind. That’s what consultations are for. And in the case of Fraxel, there are many patients who have come before you that love the results—youthful transformations without the need for surgery.

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