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how to make your hands look younger

Summary: What can you do to rejuvenate your hands when they seem to age so much more quickly than the rest of your body? There are actually multiple solutions you might be able to use–and that can be important, because it’s not all that easy to hide your hands, is it? In many cases, in fact, your hands will often make your first impression before your face does.

What Can You Do to Rejuvenate Your Hands?

Your hands are one of those areas of the body that are almost always visible. Sure, sometimes you’re wearing gloves or mittens (especially in the winter), but for the most part, your hands are almost never covered in clothing–they’re like your face that way. And, like your face, your hands are very expressive: they’re always telling the world who you are and what you’re thinking.

So when the signs of aging start showing up around your hands, you might stop and think: what can you do to rejuvenate your hands? After all, you can rejuvenate your face. Facelift procedures are marketed all the time.

But what do you do when the signs of aging start to show on your hands? This does tend to happen. The hands tend to be used quite frequently throughout life, and that can lead to a fair amount of weathering. And it’s not like you can just keep your hands in your pockets all the time if you think your hands are prematurely aging you. So what is the solution? And what can you do to rejuvenate your hands? Let’s take a look at some options (though, you should always discuss all of your options with your surgeon before deciding on anything).

Dermal Filler Injections

Perhaps the most common way to rejuvenate your hands is through the use of a procedure called a dermal filler injection. Filler injections are most commonly associated with uses around the face–they can eliminate lines and wrinkles or lift the apple of the cheek a bit, that kind of thing. But they can also treat the signs of aging around the hands.

That’s because many of those signs first appear due to your skin stretching out. That’s right–as you age, gravity exerts some pressure on your skin. Little by little, day by day, your skin is stretching out. That just means you’ll have more skin and it will all be a little bit thinner.

But as your skin becomes thinner, it also appears more translucent. It’s easier for light to get through and illuminate all those veins and blood vessels in your hands. That’s one of the reasons your hands can look a little more aged before the rest of your body does. When dermal fillers are injected into the hands, the skin becomes less translucent. As a result, the skin will look much more youthful.

Microneedling for the Hands

Another popular rejuvenative treatment for the hands is called microneedling. This treatment may sometimes be referred to as “Skinpen,” although Skinpen is a proper name for a specific microneedling device. At any rate, Microneedling is intended to make the skin of the hands (or wherever the treated area happens to be) look more youthful.

Microneedling does this by making hundreds or thousands of very tiny incisions in this skin with a needle-like poke. These incisions don’t really do anything to actually harm you–your body can recover from them quite easily.

But because they are so numerous, the skin’s recovery and healing response kicks in. In a way, your body thinks that the damage is worse than what has happened in reality. Without any actual damage to heal, all of the collagen and chemicals produced by your body instead is employed to make your skin appear more youthful and radiant. Your hands can certainly be a little sensitive to this procedure, so make sure to discuss microneedling with your surgeon before booking your appointment.

Will You Need Hand Surgery?

There are some surgical procedures that can help your hands appear more youthful, but they are less commonly employed. Indeed, hand surgery is usually used a means of repairing the function of your hands.

And keeping as much function as possible can also help you look and feel more youthful. If you have difficulty moving your hands or working with your hands, that’s definitely something that will mark you as “aged.” And so one way to make yourself appear more youthful is to ensure your hands are in good working order.

That this will undoubtedly increase your quality of life here is probably the main benefit (that your hands seem more youthful is kind of the bonus here). But it’s still something to keep in mind.

You Use Your Hands Often

Your hands are a huge part of your personality and your communication style. In other words, your hands tend to reflect who you are. So if you feel as though your hands are aging more quickly than the rest of your body, you definitely have a few options when it comes to what you can do to rejuvenate your hands.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been helping plastic and cosmetic surgeons market their practices for over twenty years. As a marketer, he’s constantly up to date on the latest and greatest innovations in the world of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

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