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Summary: What is a Daddy Do-Over? If you’ve been paying attention to plastic surgery news and gossip, you’ve probably noticed that the term has started popping up more and more often. In a way, a Daddy Do-Over is analogous to a Mommy Makeover–they certainly share a marketing lineage. So let’s take a look at what a Daddy Do-Over actually is and why it’s suddenly so popular.

What is a Daddy Do-Over?

You might have seen the recent news reports and wondered: what is a Daddy Do-Over and why do I keep seeing headlines about it? Well, lucky for you we’re here to explain what all the fuss over the Daddy Do-Over is. Now, as you may or may not be aware, plastic surgery for men has become increasingly popular over the last few years.

In large part that’s due to decreasing stigma around plastic surgery (though it also has something to do with increasing and universal demands for youth). The point is that more men than ever are undergoing plastic surgery procedures.

And so the term Daddy Do-Over was coined for the treatment of a common set of aesthetic or rejuvenative requests among men. In that way, it’s not all that different from the Mommy Makeover, which is a set of procedures designed to address common requests associated with motherhood. If you have questions about what a Daddy Do-Over can do for your body, the best place to find personalized answers is from your plastic or cosmetic surgeon. This information is not intended to replace medical advice–it’s more for general information and news purposes. So what, exactly is included in a Daddy Do-Over? Let’s take a look and find out.

Daddy Do-Over Motivations

Daddy Do-Over procedures are lifestyle driven. That’s different from a Mommy Makeover. When it comes to a Mommy Makeover, many of the procedures are used to address issues caused by the biology of pregnancy: excess skin, changes to the breasts, stubborn areas of fat–those are all issues caused by biological changes in the body. (And, to be sure, Mommy Makeovers are not universally and exclusively used by women who have had children or given birth to children–they appeal to a wide variety of women.)

With a Daddy Do-Over, the issues that are addressed have much more to do with lifestyle changes commonly associated with fatherhood. What are some of those lifestyle changes? Well, think about it. When you become a parent, you:

  • Encounter a significant amount of stress (which can increase the potency and frequency of the signs of aging).
  • Have significantly less free time, which could mean you don’t exercise quite as much or eat quite as well (and that could have some significant impacts on the body).
  • Parenting requires a very specific set of priorities; it’s not unusual for your body to change in response to those new priorities. You may, for example, develop certain areas of stubborn fat in places that had not been common before.
  • Lifestyle changes can cause other transformations over the years as well; it will all vary considerably, depending most significantly on your own individual stressors.

Most men interested in a Daddy Do-Over procedure are looking to reverse some of the most significant signs of aging. Parenthood can certainly help transform your body (for a wide variety of reasons). A Daddy Do-Over is intended to help you look and feel more youthful again–giving you the time and opportunity to enjoy those youthful good looks.

Procedures Included in a Daddy Do-Over

So what procedures actually make up a Daddy Do-Over? You might be tempted to simply port over the procedures involved in a Mommy Makeover, but that doesn’t really work. (A Mommy Makeover consists of a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast lift, although there is a wide variety when it comes to that procedure, too.)

That said, the most common configuration for Daddy Do-Over procedures is this one:

  • Facelift: A facelift procedure is designed to minimize the appearance of aging in the face. The stress of parenting can cause all kinds of lines and wrinkles to appear in the face, so it’s not a surprise this procedure is especially popular.
  • Liposuction: Aging can change the way your body stores fat. And once that fat becomes “stubborn,” there’s no amount of diet or exercise that can get rid of it. That’s why many parents turn to liposuction to help sculpt the “dad bod.”
  • Tummy Tuck: The third procedure is often a tummy tuck, though not always. A tummy tuck is designed to eliminate unwanted skin from around the belly area. It’s not quite as common for men to undergo a tummy tuck as it is for women–but the popularity of this procedure for men is increasing.

Of course, Daddy Do-Over is basically just a fancy marketing term. This means that you’ll be able to select which procedures work best for you and your body. So if you have questions about what a Daddy Do-Over can do for you, the best place to find answers is from your local plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

About the Author: Dan Voltz has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over four years. He is constantly in touch with surgeon to ensure his information is accurate and up to date. This article was written in conjunction with the offices of Dr. Charles Polsen, a Houston area plastic surgeon.

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