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should you look for deals on plastic surgery?

Summary: Wondering what plastic surgery procedures are the best bang for your buck? You aren’t alone. Every year, millions of people seek out the best plastic surgery deals. But discounts and plastic surgery might not add up in the way you think. That’s why many patients focus on the procedures that will provide them with the greatest value.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Are the Best Value for Your Money?

Everyone loves a value. The joy of saving money on your purchases is thrilling. For many, saving money is a sport. But should you really save money on your plastic surgery procedure? There seems to be something… alarming… about getting your tummy tuck from the bargain bin. So maybe we can reframe the question and talk about what plastic surgery procedures are the best bang for your buck.

To be sure, plastic surgeons (and very good plastic surgeons at that) offer discounts on a variety of procedures in a plethora of ways. That’s just good business! So there’s nothing immediately alarming about the discount you receive on your mommy makeover.

But a discount that’s too large–to deep–might be a red flag. So instead, let’s focus on procedures that are inherently valuable. These are procedures that make a big impact, even without a discount. Of course, you’ll want to talk to your surgeon about what your options are. This article is not intended to be interpreted as any kind of medical advice, as we’re writing simply to entertain. The best way to get information about which plastic surgery procedures are the best bang for your buck is to talk to your surgeon about what fits best for you individually. Until then, we’ll discuss the idea in the most general terms.

Blepharoplasty Makes a Big Impact

One of the best examples of procedures that offer a nice “bang for the buck” is blepharoplasty. More colloquially known as an eyelid lift, this procedure is designed to eliminate unwanted excess tissue from around the eyes. That tissue can build up for a number of reasons, the most common having to do with the natural aging process.

Excessive wrinkles around the eyes can make you look older than you feel. And sagging skin can make you appear fatigued or depressed when you actually feel none of those things. That can be particularly troubling for patients because the eyes are such an important focal point to the face.

An eyelid lift, then, can help make patients appear significantly more youthful. And because the eyes are the “windows to the soul,” when they look more youthful, your entire face benefits. In other words, just by making a few small changes to the tissue around your eyes (and the changes are indeed relatively small; blepharoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that usually means a fairly quick recovery period) you can make a big difference for your face.

Dermal Fillers in the Hands

The hands are crazy complicated. And you use them all the time. They’re also particularly important in your daily life in terms of communication. Think about it: every time you talk, you’re making hand gestures at the same time (or you’re not, which is also communicating something). And so when you stop and think about it, you realize that people spend a lot of time looking at your hands.

And, of course, your hands also age and show the signs of that aging. In the hands, most of the signs of aging coming in the form of thin skin. It’s probably no surprise to you that as you age your skin tends to thin out a bit. This happens all over your body, of course, thanks largely to gravity. But the skin around your hands is already quite thin, so the effect is exacerbated.

Dermal filler injections are designed to add a little extra opacity back into your skin. As a result, your hands look more youthful. And since your hands are constantly being watched by people, this procedure is a great way to get (you guessed it) an exceptionally good bang for your buck. The results, however, are usually temporary–fillers will typically last between 12-18 months, depending on the type.

The Procedure That Addresses Your Area of Concern

Of course all this bang for the buck stuff doesn’t make a lick of difference if you’re not actually worried about your eyelids or your hands. Sometimes, the most effective way to get the best bang for the buck is to focus on the area that is causing you concern.

In other words, there’s no one right procedure that’s going to provide you with the greatest happiness. That’s because your own insecurities and concerns will guide the area where plastic surgery might be the most effective.

If you want to know which plastic surgery procedures provide the best bang for your buck, talk to your surgeon about what’s bothering you today.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been writing about plastic and cosmetic surgery for over twenty years. This article was written with the help of the staff at Clear Lake Hand Center, a hand clinic run by Dr. Charles Polsen–a board certified plastic surgeon.

One response to “What Plastic Surgery Procedures are the Best Bang for Your Buck?

  1. I agree that blepharoplasty is great value surgery. I needed it already in my 30s. My eyelids were not visible what made me to look constantly tired and older. Of course when I came to work people kept asking me if I did not sleep last night. The surgery was cheap and for me having it at Forme clinic even cheaper. But you have to be sure the surgeon is certified that is most important. Finally my face looks younger and I am happy for it.

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