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Summary: Knowing what to do about your nose in 2019 can be a challenge. First, you have to know what about your nose–if anything–you’d like to change. Then you have to know how to accomplish that transformation. And when it comes to that part, you’ve got plenty of options to consider. The more you know about your rhinoplasty options, the better you’ll be able to take the course of action best suited to you and what you want to do about your nose in 2019.

What Should You Do About Your Nose in 2019?

Knowing what to do about your nose in 2019 depends most significantly on how you actually feel about your nose. If you like your nose, you don’t have to do anything! The same is true if you don’t really think about your nose (most people, I tend to believe, don’t think about their noses overly much).

But if your nose is on your mind–and you’ve a mind to make some changes–you’ve definitely got options. And that’s really what patients these days are looking for. Gone are the days of surgeons selling a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Today, patients want custom solutions designed specifically for their noses. And they aren’t necessarily being unreasonable. Modern technology provides both cosmetic and plastic surgeons with a wide variety of tools designed to make changes in the nose more unique and individualized. In other words, knowing what to do about your nose in 2019 means knowing about the various rhinoplasty technologies currently on the market (or coming soon). So that’s what we’re going to look at today!

Can You Have a 3D Printed Nose?

Three-dimensional printing has made a huge impact on all kinds of fields of manufacturing. These days, when you want something fancy and unique created, you usually turn to 3D printing technology. You simply model something in a computer and then print it in real life (it’s a little more complicated than that in reality, but that’s the general idea).

Turns out, this technology is already being implemented in rhinoplasty procedures. Plastic surgeons are able to print out custom-designed nose implants. This means that patients have total control over how their noses look when increasing the size of the nose.

Even just a few years ago, surgeons had to work a lot harder to ensure patients had custom options for nasal implants. These days, the implant is carved, molded, and created in a computer before being custom printed for surgery. This means that patients who want to increase the size of their noses can do in a way that is completely unique and individualized to their needs.

You Can Undergo Rhinoplasty Without Surgery

Inserting a 3D printed implant into your nose requires surgery–and however great the results, surgical rhinoplasty can be a bit commitment for patients. That commitment comes largely in the form of a very long recovery period (rhinoplasty, for a variety of reasons, takes a significant time to heal properly).

That’s why many patients are turning to a relatively tried and tested method called the non surgical nose job. During this non invasive procedure, dermal fillers are injected into the nose, altering the shape of the nose in a planned and prescribed way. In other words, patients get to change their noses without having to undergo surgery.

Non surgical nose job isn’t necessarily very new, but we do expect to see it as a continued and preferred option throughout 2019. So if you’re considering options for what to do about your nose in 2019, non surgical nose job might be an option for you, but there are some limitations to consider:

  • Non surgical nose job results tend to be temporary, lasting anywhere between 12-24 months.
  • This procedure is only capable of adding volume to the nose, not removing volume (so if you want a smaller nose, this might not be the right procedure).
  • Non surgical nose job results tend to be quite subtle, so if you’re looking for big and bold changes, surgery might be a better option.

That said, this approach is favored by many because it is able to create immediate results without the need for surgery. It’s up to the patient and surgeon to weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

Rhinoplasty a Popular Option

The final sure bet for your nose in 2019 is that, should you elect to alter your nose this year, you won’t be alone. Rhinoplasty surgery is almost always one of the five most popular plastic surgery procedures of the year, when annual statistics are announced. And that doesn’t even include the non surgical variety!

So if you’re curious about rhinoplasty–and what rhinoplasty can do for you–the best place to get more concrete answers is from your plastic or cosmetic surgeon. They’ll be able to give you advice that works for you, your body, and your desired final outcome.

About the Author: Nick Engebretson has been involved in plastic surgery marketing for over twenty years. He’s constantly talking to cosmetic and plastic surgeons about the latest trends in the field.

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